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      • Rosee Divine 402 Votes
      • Jessie Rogers 304 Votes
      • Madison Rose 190 Votes
      • Jada Stevens 445 Votes
      • Cheeky Vasiliki 292 Votes
      • Remy LaCroix 246 Votes

      Total Voters: 1,868

  • 24 Responses to 2012 Booty of the Year

    1. alfonso cortes

      Tough choice

    2. commando

      Not a tough choice at all…..these choices are all little booty girls except for rosee…

    3. commando

      it shud be rosee, cheeky, madison, remy, then jada…smh jada doesn’t have an ass…i’ve been wonderin why yall even post her…rosee is the only stallion here..cheeky got a booty but she’s not even thick like that…and she’s super short like jada, remy, and rose…

      • DanRather

        I agree whole-heartedly.

        • commando

          rose is 5’10” lol dats my mistake

    4. commando

      i forgot about jesse she’s 3rd or 4th….but wtf…how is jada first??? people must be forgetting that this is booty of the year…not porn star of the year…smh she has no ass whatsoever

    5. SnubWorthy

      Rosee definitely got my vote. Truth be told though, if Kelly Divine was a choice, I don’t know who I’d choose!

    6. Hunger

      Rosee Divine is the clear winner.

    7. Ivan

      Jada tiene uno de os culos mas espectaculares que he visto

    8. commando

      One more thing guys…most of the other girls are short, which makes there ass look bigger proportionally. Rosee is 5′ 9″, Madison is 5′ 10″ and jesse is 5’7″ believe it or not…cheeky is shorter than that(couldn’t find her height) jada and remy are both 5’2″!!!! so it should be rosee,madison, rodgers, then u debate the short booties after that, i got cheeky, remy, than jada….wtf

      • Wild Billy

        You have made a convincing argument.

    9. commando

      I see i converted sum ppl….rest of yall clueless

    10. commando

      51 votes to close da gap…lets go ppl….and to the person(s) who runn the site…don’t put up kelly and jada while this vote is still going…its like u or yall tryna minipulate the contest….her ass is small compared to kelly’s and kelly aint got shit on rosee…..but in that gif jada looks phatter than she is….at least post a rosee pic/gif
      too since they are the top two battling it out right now….thanks

    11. ganon

      why are they all white?

      the fuck kind of shit is that?

      • commando

        true talk….and why did the deadline go from jan.10 to jan.7 wtf now rosee gon lose and she was makin a comeback

    12. commando

      39 and counting….comeback???

    13. commando

      37 lets go ppl

    14. commando


    15. commandostfu


      have you tried STFU’ing?

      There’s a thing called variation and mutation. Humans didn’t get here because life did all the same thing. There’s billions of humans, all with different tastes.

      Now GTFO.

    16. ilen

      no me sale para votar, como voto ??

      • botd

        La votaciĆ³n comienza a finales de diciembre.

    17. KingJ

      Jada Srevens won……OH HELL NAH!

      • KingJ

        Stevens dammit.

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