2013 Booty of the Year

And the winner is... Ryan Smiles

30 Responses to 2013 Booty of the Year

  1. wolfman

    bad asses

  2. Duhart

    Lily Sincere. That is one fine as white girl. She is definitely a PAWG.

  3. poohbia

    Savannah fox >

  4. DG

    AJ Applegate?
    I think kelsi is on here just because of that thing no other porn girl can do. She is nothing special

  5. Bootyman96

    Over 2,000 ppl voted and the answer is clear. Ryan Smiles wins!

  6. Bee

    They are all awesome. Hard choice! Kelsi Monroe!!!

  7. Bootyman96

    Lily Sincere has like 3 vids on bangbros, I’m surprise she’s even in this category because she just came out like recently, the taping of those scenes where from last month, and honestly I am surprise she’s in this category. Don’t get me wrong lily is my new favorite chick now, I love the short, redheaded, flexible, white girl, but she hasn’t been around long enough as Ryan, Kelsi, Savannah, and Bedeli who have made a few scenes already. Lilly’s ass is great, but idk if she should be featured in this.

    • Bootyman96

      Oh yeah if you don’t believe that Lily Sincere is recently new go on playvid.com, type her name, and thank me later lol.

  8. Myron degaines

    I’m surprised lily isn’t winning, Ryan is hot but lily is the queen of pawgs IMO, she has a Caroline pierce feel to her except she’s not 40.

    • botd

      Probably because she hasn’t had that much exposure yet. Or maybe I should’ve showed her ass more in the samples.

  9. Byron

    Smiles for me

  10. Brent

    I dont get it! how do i vote!?

    • botd

      Are you sure you didn’t vote already? What do you see? Just the results?

  11. LuhDatBooty

    kelsi monroe takin it. 😉

  12. akuma

    i like Savannah Fox and Ryan Smiles

  13. np3228

    Damn It so many picks

  14. Super Dick

    where’s all the black booty… we know there is nothing better than black ass except for white girl sloppy head

    • botd

      Read my comment toward the bottom on this link here…


      If you’re asking where’s the black booty in this contest, what girl do you suggest?

  15. Bootyman96

    I like the t-shirt idea, I looked up lily last night and I agree, but my girl Ryan is #1 ATM so yeah I hope miss Ryan wins. Keep voting for her ppl.

  16. Nick B

    Savannah fox = not that pretty just all ass
    Kelsi = no
    Bedeli = huge cuban ass free of imperfections 2nd best ass here
    Lily = #1! cute as hell BEST ass here free of imperfections also great waist
    Ryan smiles = umm big ass but not free of imperfections cute though 3rd best ass

    Lily = WINS

  17. MasterMACalwaysFRESH

    Wats goin on fellow big booty lovers. Had to create this account to give out an idea to botd. I been a on this site every day lol for over 2years and I finally made the account, to let you know you should definitely make some t-shirts for bootyoftheday. I seen other web sites with them and i would definitely represent botd. Let me know if you like the idea, and all you ass lovers comment to see what you think. Would you represent botd?
    -Always Fresh you never know what can happen-

    • botd

      Hey bro, awesome idea, here’s the story behind it. I had promised quite a few people a shirt with this design right here for free but with the website address on it somewhere. Well technically it wasn’t a promise, just an if things work out then maybe type of thing. My bad anyway fellas, but it turned out that the printer charged more than I expected, and also that green glow didn’t look as good on print as it does on screen.

      After that a lot of things came up and the time disappeared, but I still have a few shirt ideas on standby for the future, maybe with a simpler design and just charge cost. It’s just that there’s no time. Not even that, I have negative time. I owe time, ya know?

      • MasterMACalwaysFRESH

        Right on bro i appriciate the reply. I like that style and what it says is so true fosho tho i feel the no time thing. You should definitely think about it if you do shit girls with big bootys should have a shirt that lets people know they have one from the front lol
        -Always FRESH you never know what can happen-

  18. savvy

    Savannah fox’s fatty takes the cake for me 😀

  19. Bootyman96

    I discovered this site in May and have been commenting since October I think. A lot of great big booty newbies. It’s hard to chose honestly. I just looked up lily sincere and she’s so short, cute, and a thick bitch. I love ’em all but Ryan Smiles should have the booty of the year because that thing is a fucking earthquake. Bedeli can’t come close to the way Ryan does it.

  20. botd

    Each girl’s booty popping, shaking, clapping, splitting, etc. skills should also be taken into consideration.

    Edit: I forgot bottle-crushing.

  21. ks4714

    In the absence of Lisa Ann, I have to vote for Savannah.

  22. blackfrost

    you know who makes me smile

  23. HorusTheHeretic

    I like the underdogs Lily and Bedeli.

    • DominicanByNature

      I agree Lily is a one bad bitch!

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