If You’re Checking For New Posts…

Don’t know if anybody’s hooked on our posts and fiending for the next one. Probably not, but I’ll just pretend that maybe some people are and give you the reason for no updates. I needed to reboot my brain this weekend because it was getting backed up and slow. Without getting into too much detail, the process requires one more day of recuperation. If none of this makes sense, don’t worry about it. Only a few veterans know what I’m talking about. The important thing is, we’ll be back tomorrow fully refreshed with hits that are more potent and crazier than before, that’ll have you fapping fiercer than ever.

Speaking of refresh, one more thing. We usually update every day. But sometimes some people don’t see anything new for like a week. This is because the site caches/saves pages since it’s a lot faster showing you a cached page rather than pulling everything in from the server again and again every time you visit. I don’t think this is a problem for people that registered to comment, because in that case, it knows you’re a regular user, so it’ll always show you the new fresh shit. If none of this makes sense either, no big deal. Just remember that if you don’t see any new booty in a week, hit refresh/reload, or register to comment. Reminder: If you didn’t register to comment because you’re scared to use your real email, you can just make one up and use it to sign in. The only reason I can think of to use your real one, is so that you can get notified by email when somebody directly replies to a comment you made.

Oh speaking of reload, one last thing, cause I just pictured somebody doing this. But if you really are a booty fiend, there’s nothing wrong with that and you’re extra-special in my book, but don’t get reload-happy. Don’t keep hitting reload hoping that a new booty post will pop out, because it won’t, and you might break the internets.

52 Responses to If You’re Checking For New Posts…

  1. $#@D¥no1

    This is 1 awesome site ill recommend 2 any booty fans!!!!rockstar dude

  2. Dante Klitbo

    I Understand Completly IDo The SAme Once In A While … Check Out My New Blog Brother.

    Much Love .. Dante Klitbo (Ass Adoro 2)

  3. MommaLuvsBooty

    Hubby got me hooked on this site a few weeks ago, so I was sad to see the pix stop. Glad they will be back, but definitely take time for yourself.
    Waiting patiently. 🙂

  4. Juu


  5. Bob smith

    No wonder I haven’t seen anythung

  6. John

    Awesome site. It’s a must for me several times a day. Come back soon!!!

  7. Jack Ass

    I deleted me tumblr for that same reason. Pornography is addictive and over the years it can overwhelm your circuitry. Now

    • Jack Ass

      Nowadays almost nothing turns me on. Gfs have to try harder and harder to get me to Cumberland.

  8. chop69

    This site is great. Look everyday and have it bookmarked. Love the booty u post . Thanks and keep up the good work!!!!

  9. mark


  10. anon

    Great site!

  11. dannt

    Man, the internet its very big, it is surprising that too little sites really post good butts, this site is one of the few…and from my point of view its the best, it really deliver what it promises and more! thanks! great reference!

  12. Ted

    Great booty


    I love this site.

  14. Guy


  15. Anon7389
  16. DC

    Take your time m8! Just remember that your work is appreciated by many!

    • bootyhunter

      arrr, tis true.

  17. fapper


  18. MrRx

    Awesome site. Keep up the great work!!!!

  19. Dude Man


    In our benefactor’s absence, dig it.

  20. jomaga

    Check this site every day, thanks bro for the hard work 😉

  21. YumNugget

    Can’t wait for booty

  22. Will


  23. cle


  24. rall

    thanks for all your work

  25. Gerhard

    I am also checking it daily, every night 😉

    You are doing good work, keep going!

  26. delorean packard

    ill be waiting

  27. Roger Smith

    I visit every day , have a collection of big ass gifs!

  28. Kees

    I’ve been checking this site on reguarly base each day for a few months and simply love it.
    Though, when the new year start I didn’t see any updates for like 1.5 month.
    Then one day when I checked it, I saw that there were loads of pages that I missed.
    Somehow it just didnt show me the updates…

    But anyways, really like the page, keep up the good work!

  29. Nero

    Get well soon BOTD! Thanks for all you’ve done over the years.

  30. blackfrost

    best site on the internet and can’t wait to see more of what you have in stored for us.

  31. poohbia

    I check this site everyday, keep it up man

  32. Smutpeddler

    Love this sight. Been checking daily for a year or so. Keep up the good work bruv.

  33. John

    I’ve been checking this site on a daily basis for about 2 years now. Keep up the good work man.

  34. dacommando

    was making the site remember me….lol

  35. Bootyman96

    It’s been 9months now since I’ve been here and 4months since I’ve been commenting. BOTD is my site. I check this place out 1st b4 I go on xvideos, pornhub, tube8, and playvid. Yeah, I have a daily schedule lol.

  36. Squidhunter

    God Bless You!

  37. eli

    Love BOTD!!! Can’t wait for the next pictures. ..

  38. lj

    love the site! check it most days. totally understand the reboot thing. do it myself now and again.

  39. Udder Appreciation

    I’ve got BOTD is bookmarked & I check daily.

    Get well, stay well, bro.

  40. Mike

    love this site im always waiting for new post. keep up the good work

  41. N

    be well brave booty lover!

  42. Fourchop

    You guys are Great. Keep up the best ass site out there. I may speak for some or all. But I check the site every day.

    • E


  43. Sssauce

    Love this site

  44. Tbone

    Alwayz check ur site on a daily basics.

  45. Sparks

    Dope man will b waitin 4 ur nu posts on the badests booties out ther…. Lov the sit by the way…..

  46. Ron

    been checking out this site for an while thanks for all you work

  47. Goochslapper

    I’m fairly new to BOTD and like to come on this site daily. I love this site. It’s pretty much the high point of my day. I’m glad to hear that posts will be back soon. All I can say is keep up the great work. I’m one “satisfied” user. *wink* *wink*

    • Mike Jones

      b real baby!!!!

    • Dayum


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