9 Responses to Heather Bianchi

  1. Shogun

    This chick is a huge pass.

  2. poohbia

    Whats up with all these fake chicks nowadays?

    • poohbia

      Im not talking about on this site, just in general

      • Bob

        This chick is in no way fake. She lives in my hometown and I see her often. Went to high school with her sister also. She is the thickest girl I have ever seen. Ass is 10000000% real she has the hips and thighs to match and everything.

  3. blackfrost

    lmao i love her instagram. she has pics of her and her son then right after is her half naked lol. milfs FTW

    • Darkaholic

      her instagram please 🙂

  4. bigswole

    she needs to do anal porn

  5. iceman8069

    She could get it!

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