Tubes, Twitters, Tumblrs and Instagrams

No posts for the weekend, so share some Booty Tube Video links in the comments.

And if you know any Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr girls with booty, share those too so we can add it to the list.

Here’s the VIP list so far…

A Big Ass List

Again, this will only work if everybody contributes, so everybody share something with your fellow booty lovers.

Only rule is, no small booties please.

62 Responses to Tubes, Twitters, Tumblrs and Instagrams

  1. THE_CPT

    It says the list doesn’t exist anymore when I click the link ?

  2. Dr. Salvador
  3. Drisvisic

    Not sure if this link was already shared:

  4. Nooice
  5. jbl

    Doesn’t show much skin but she has a great shape.

    • bigswole

      she gets my vote. her junk look crayyyy. goodness!

  6. gphi
  7. gphi
  8. Cal

    ^^ this girl is amazing huge tits and ass!!!

  9. Carl

    A curvaceous figure isn’t so common in Singapore but here are two females I know who persevere with their physical structure.

    Amanda Yew: = @amandayew

    Valerie Li: = @valerieliying

    • Caesar

      I’d probably drop bar bell/dumbbell if I saw either of these 2 walkin around my gym, GOTDAMNNNN!!!

    • botd

      Am I missing the joke? I don’t get it.

      • Brent

        Lol its me in the vid

  10. Will
  11. Dr. Salvador

    I think is old stuff with Maritza Mendez, but that Dolly Castro is hot and new

  12. Chuck

    I’ve been looking for some industry invaders Katy Cummings with jayla and Ryan smiles

  13. This guy!

    Aaaand this is what I mean about fake booty or “difficult to tell these days. In reference to Lela Star, definitely a phuk up, no pun intended, on her part. Sometimes it’s just best to leave your body alone. Buuuuuttt oh well. I hope that ish doesnt cause her medical problems in the long run.

  14. mee(a)t

    Oh man I remember when I was on brazzers I saw Lela star… It did not look right. She fucked up

  15. botd

    Don’t forget to post Tube videos too, not just girls’ pages. But whatever’s clever.

    Oh and don’t post your blog or site, unless you have original content.

    • botd

      I can’t mess with that. But post that video of her walking. I know you got it.

      • Bootyman96

        I have something to support on Lela Star, however, the site doesn’t have the full video anymore (those bastards!), but at least I found this. If you have the full vid I’ll thank you a lot cuz that video was awesome. Funny concept, some “good” acting and Lela showing what she got! It blew my mind!

        • Bootyman96

          Oh yeah almost forgot the clip I was talking about.

          • Bootox

            Sorry man, but her butt got so big that it became strange. Just watch she riding the dick on the scene of the link you posted: ALIEN ASS!!! lol

    • Caesar

      Damn shame. She was damn near perfect before deciding to go the Amy Andersen-twilight zone look…..fuck is up with some of these females….??

  16. Bootyman96

    The chick I mentioned yesterday

  17. Dr. Salvador
    • This guy!

      Yoou damn straight she is. Believe it or not, she is a sweetie too! Not too diva-ish.

  18. Haaardazz

    Here some of the best candid big booty videos i ve seen.


    • botd

      Does she have any new stuff, or just the old stuff.

  19. Dr. Salvador
    • bigswole

      good look on that gingerbanks

      • botd

        You take Ginger. I’ll have Victoria.

        • bigswole

          haha, fair trade my man. victoria is one cheeseburger away. lol. she cute though. would def smash.

    • bigswole

      bigtime gogo fan. she’s on point wit it.

  20. AssAddict

    Big nice ass on this young 23 year old Latina.

    • DikInYa

      She’s aight.

      • AssAddict

        Face is alright but did you see that ass?

  21. bigswole

    Great idea with that Big Ass List, lol. Here’s a good one to add. Carmel Candy:

    • botd

      Always thought she was suspect. Otherwise, body’s bangin.

      • bigswole

        suspect in what way? you suspicious about everything man. lol. i met her in person at a pool party once. ain’t one damn thang suspect about her.

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