24 Responses to Thick Arab Girl Dancers

  1. m8trS


  2. Anto

    Why use this color effect in your vidéos?

    • botd

      There’s no color effect.

      • Samaki

        Do you have the source to 5th? Pls!

  3. realreal

    The only reason to “”liberate”” the arabs countries is to finally destroy the burkhas and all kinds of clothing that hide those beautiful women. Damn, they’re just like latinas but taller and bigger.

  4. Bootyman96

    Thanks for taking my request last week BOTD! You’re awesome man!!

  5. yabajaba

    If you browse the right parts of youtube, you’ll eventually end up running into tons of arab dance vids, a lot which feature some very nice ass. The first one looks familiar. Google some names and it eventually took me to some random website with more arab ass shaking and all these girls posting their IG’s in their vids.

    It’s like wandering into a whole different part of the online ass-shakin world.

  6. Arabdickin

    Thats why i love my arab women they got thick ass

  7. AguyFromParis

    I love arab girl, botd if you want some big ass arab girl go to http://www.beurettesvideo.com

    Enjoy my friends

    • BobbyManuel

      Wow a good one!

  8. Spungn

    Just gotta say 1 more thing….”booty of the day” – what do u expect here fellas?!?! Skinny ass “model” types?!?! Cmon!!!!

  9. Alf

    I like this. Tired of seeing pawgs. Lets get some exotic chics in here. Been waiting a minute for some thick sistas, latinas and asains (preferably Nippon ladies)

    • Todd_Harris

      Yes thick Asians girls are so gooood

    • Maxwell

      I couldn’t agree more, let’s see some more Arab women, I like my women like I like my cars imported and exotic.

  10. Todd_Harris

    I want to see 3’s ass checks soo bad it looks so fat & good

  11. beardo

    Hopefully no more of this.

  12. C.O.E.

    To much stomach jiggling on 1, 2, 3 and 4.

    • Alf

      No it aint. U just wouldnt know what to do with that. Go get u a fake plastic barbie my g

      • Spungn

        Thank u Alf!! These – WOMEN – which is one of the key words here – are just too much for this dood ta handle!! Can’t say any better than u did!!!

      • Hanz

        I just have say jiggling bit is most important part. Now if women where made of plastic bits you wouldn’t say that. Arabic women are raw and sexy.

    • Pete

      it’s called BOOTY OF THE DAY, not STOMACH OF THE DAY !! I’m starting to think some of you cats just complain to complain………

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