35 Responses to How Many Booty Claps – Part 4

  1. Mario soto

    47 claps I checked multiple times and also she looks like my girlfriend the thickness is uncanny I’m a lucky man damn fucking sexy as fuck

  2. Jerome

    Very meh post bud

  3. Bobby

    45 Claps

  4. botd

    Gobot I had to remove your comment because that Youtube channel is not allowed here.

    • gobot90

      Oops, my bad! You agree it’s weird though right? Good weird.

      • botd

        No problem.

        I haven’t seen it yet. Gotta wait till I get home from work. But I’m guessing it’s about them pretending to give some Home Ec or housekeeping tips (like anybody cares about that) and then accidentally turning to the side and showing some ass like oops I didn’t mean to, or something like that.

        Edit: Who writes that shit. smh

  5. blackfrost31

    talk about a standing ovation

  6. Azeriax

    54claps. She is Flawless! <3 omfg lord have mercy!

    • Yoooo

      Do you have anymore of her private videos? Link pls she is fucking hot

    • ilovemesomebooty


      My brother, please tell me those videos are from connectpal? Because i’m contemplating wether or not it’s worth 20 bux for her subscription. I’ve had a bunch of girls who conned me out on 10 bux. They didn’t post jack shit. 2 videos a month tops.

      So i’m just asking for anyone who is subscribed to her connectpal. Let your boy know how good the service is.

  7. igot50

    see above

  8. Bootyman96

    What happen to part two? Lol

  9. Nate

    Guys, an of tΓ³pic question. You know, just for fun, what would you prefer? Pay to have sex with a girl you like (stripper) or pay even more money for a girl you find even hotter. But cost as much as twice than the other less hot. Remember, the first girl is hot too. But less hotter, but way more cheaper. What would be your decision?

    • botd

      Depends on how much money I had. If it was right now I’d have to go with the cheaper one.

      • Nate

        Yeah I agree that would be wiser I guess. The amount of money difference it’s something to consider twice. And like I said. The cheaper girl is hot anyway so. I also feel I’m expending more money in these kind of things than I should.

  10. Jason


  11. DG

    def past 40

  12. Mossad12

    or 122

  13. Mossad12

    i count 61 claps

  14. Alf

    Mannn this bitch whack, and so is the last 2 bitches you posted. C’mon now son, this bitch booty so flat not even blind niggas reading braille could feel a bump on this bitch

    • Fucksurmeow

      Do you have a small pecker? Is that why you can’t handle that ass? Call Ron Jermey he got some pills for you.

      • Alf

        hahah chill man. Logically if I had a small dick I would say something like ” this bitch ass is too big and disgusting.” But since I said her ass is flat complaining of her size being to small that would imply , logically, that I am well hung, no? Common sense man.

    • Douche Baggins

      You’re at the wrong website… go the fuck away. Preferably back to school, so you can learn to speak like a human rather than a piece of shit.

      • Alf

        Umm tell me where pieces of shit know how to speak? I didn’t know that fecal matter was endowed with the faculty of speech. wow, I learned something new today. That pieces of shit like you can articulate. Flat booty ,pasty bitch lova

    • botd

      Alf is what they call one of those Opposite Trolls. Trolls that go around forums saying the opposite of what’s true just to get a rise out of people. He’s good too, cause I’ve been waiting for him to slip up and say something really bad. But I can’t really ban somebody for typing fallacies or being wrong all the time. I’m watching him tho.

  15. iceman8069

    I didn’t even bother counting…kept thinking about that ass smashing against me as I’m pounding her out!

  16. Spungn

    I’m with bootyman! I lost count after 1 or 2. Not sure how Y’all can keep count. That ass is hypnotizing!!!!

  17. GSAgent89

    oh my God ….Body of the year….i want this bitch πŸ˜€

  18. Bootyman

    I lost count at 2

    • bootox

      We had to count? lol

  19. Roman


  20. X

    52 claps. where’s my prize?

    • countin' claps

      how is it that this man is the only one with the correct answer?

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