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  1. Bootyman96

    Just turn on the brightness on the phone. Lol, but seriously is this another PS’ed photo? Not all skinny chicks develop booty like that and it’s been a long time since ANYONE has argued about a post where the chicks body is photoshopped. Never thought it would be me this time. Sorry BOTD I remember your past lectures and rants about why there are so many pictures with gorgeous booty getting photoshop and retouched and I remember your rant where you mentioned that pictures in general are mostly photoshopped like pics in billboards and posters because the real picture doesn’t bring attention, get money out of people’s wallets or raise boners from every man who loves the booty. It’s just I thought this pic maybe or not be photoshopped because I think there’s no way in the real pic she got that. That’s all.

    • Bootyman96

      Oh, I wasn’t the only one. I didn’t read the first two peoples comments when I said mine.

      • blackfrost31

        it’s really the boobs that point it out. I mean I work with white girls with ass like that but at least, have a C cup. those are barely A’s to me. with PS either go hard or go home lol

  2. blackfrost31

    that is photoshop to the fullest. usually, I don’t say nothing but if you are going to photoshop, at least make it a C cup….

  3. Aalim Chin

    Is that real? or real photoshop?

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