13 Responses to Sammi J Thick Puerto Rican Booty

  1. BootyFreak

    It’s hard to get pass those stupid ass tats, but that ass needs drilling!

    • poohbia


      And I agree with everyone else, those ass tats aren’t a good look

  2. gphi

    Sammi J has a mean walk which I love. I could do without the tattoo though. PEACE!!!

  3. Electriwizard

    I’m also, not a big fan of tattooed women. There are some colorful, strategically designed, SMALLER tattoos. I dont know what these girls are thinking, when they mess up a perfectly beautiful skin, especially Booty. Nevertheless, still a fan of Booty.

  4. Bootyman96

    Plane ticket to Puerto Rico for one please? Damn that body is fine.

  5. BootySlayer

    You should do a side by side with her and spicy j.

    • Spungn

      Ok, I LUV me sum Spicy J – I really do – but this chick’s ass is waaaaay better!!!!

      • BootySlayer

        I don’t know my dude, that’s why we need a side by side to compare. They’re both nice and thick can’t go wrong with either one though.

  6. BootySlayer

    Swingin’ that ass everywhere! *bites knuckles*

  7. iceman8069

    She bad as fuck…personally I hate the big ugly tats that some women get on their cheeks..that shit ‘s just ugly ruining a beautiful fat ass…but she would still get long dicked!

  8. Jake the snake


  9. Pete

    I think I’m in love. Love my PR women

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