13 Responses to Sammi J Thick Puerto Rican Booty

  1. Pete

    I think I’m in love. Love my PR women

  2. Jake the snake


  3. iceman8069

    She bad as fuck…personally I hate the big ugly tats that some women get on their cheeks..that shit ‘s just ugly ruining a beautiful fat ass…but she would still get long dicked!

  4. BootySlayer

    Swingin’ that ass everywhere! *bites knuckles*

  5. BootySlayer

    You should do a side by side with her and spicy j.

    • Spungn

      Ok, I LUV me sum Spicy J – I really do – but this chick’s ass is waaaaay better!!!!

      • BootySlayer

        I don’t know my dude, that’s why we need a side by side to compare. They’re both nice and thick can’t go wrong with either one though.

  6. Bootyman96

    Plane ticket to Puerto Rico for one please? Damn that body is fine.

  7. Electriwizard

    I’m also, not a big fan of tattooed women. There are some colorful, strategically designed, SMALLER tattoos. I dont know what these girls are thinking, when they mess up a perfectly beautiful skin, especially Booty. Nevertheless, still a fan of Booty.

  8. gphi

    Sammi J has a mean walk which I love. I could do without the tattoo though. PEACE!!!

    • poohbia


      And I agree with everyone else, those ass tats aren’t a good look

  9. BootyFreak

    It’s hard to get pass those stupid ass tats, but that ass needs drilling!

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