Voluptuous Goddess Chyna Chase

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via @Chyna_Chase

If you’d like to feel better about yourself, just check out her Twitter feed. Compared to some of her followers, me and you guys are total winners. *high fives*

I swear if I wake up in a few days and see her get a package from one of you guys, you’re banned from this site forever.

Sadly, some guys think that complimenting a girl and doing nice things for her will get them some ass. Take it from me, it won’t happen.

Not sure if this is relevant, but when I was young, I used to go around like “Damn shorty, can I be your slave?!?!” Shocking but it never worked.

Actually out of 43 times, one girl said yes. I had no idea what to say next, cause no girl ever said yes before. Then my friends told me, yo Dave, she’s a tranny.

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28 Responses to Voluptuous Goddess Chyna Chase

  1. John

    Yes!!!! She’s not nice at all. Non appreciative as well. I spent a commission check on her. And when I DM’d her about she blocked me stating I was annoying. I only DM’d her once smdh.

  2. ChrisKink

    Hey BOTD, thanks for all the great content first of all, second, great speech. A lot of these girls online that have followers that will “tribute” and pay “cum tax” really fascinate me. I mean haven’t seen too many girls that are built like her that come so perfectly to what I’d like in a woman and Chase is one of those few exceptions but I don’t feel the need to send her gifts or money. I mean, I’ve heard she’s engaged and he’s surely a lucky man obviously but I’m not sure what these guys are getting from this… I mean she hardly does videos not even on youtube anymore, I was always wondering if she’d put up clips for money but I guess she’s getting a lot from her followers just for pics.

  3. xdbs

    Does anyone know who this girl is?


    • Valentine

      @xdbs That’s Chyna Chase as well.

  4. commentingaccount

    Come on, man, don’t use the word tranny. My people get fuckin’ stomped to death with that being our last word, man. I come here to look at big asses not get reminded people don’t like us because of how we were born.

    • botd

      That’s an offensive word? I thought it was just a short form of transsexual. What’s the proper word then.

      • commentingaccount

        trans or transgender or transwoman all work. I tend to use Trans when not talking to somebody specific because it’s faster to type.

        • Zorken

          Wait.. just to be clear…. you were born with a pussy and want to be a dude? Or you were born with a dick and wants to be a chick and comes to this site because you like chicks with big asses??

        • botd

          Okay my bad. Even though what we call words are just vibrations in the air or curved line shapes on a screen with no powers or magic behind them, I’ll use trans instead.

          I was gonna say I’ll use trans if they keep it real and tranny if they’re deceptive. But I changed my mind. It would be like using both gay and faggot.

          I know there’s an argument that says they shouldn’t have to keep it real, but I disagree for valid reasons.

          • Zorken

            The argument that they shouldn’t keep it real is a great fallacy.. it’s based on the assumption that if a dude is born with a dick but thinks he is a woman, that alone makes him a woman, no matter what he has/had between his legs.. so no necessity to tell anyone he was born a dude because, hey, if he believes he is a chick then he is a chick! Yaaaayyyy!!!…. which is completely madness, of course….

          • botd

            Personally I think your brain makes you who you are, not your body.

            But I think their argument is that if they get working body parts, then that’s good enough. I don’t know. I’m basing all this on an episode I saw of Horace and Pete.

          • botd

            Here’s an easy way to explain their situation I think. What if you were born a hermaphrodite, somebody that had both a dick and a pussy, and then they cut the wrong one off. Then you’d have to live your life trapped in the wrong gender.

          • Zorken

            Yeah, but then we are talking specifically about hermaphroditism here, which is a real issue and then the whole “I identify better with” scenario comes into play…. but when a person is born with a perfectly functional dick/pussy and wants to mutilate it (thus making it dysfunctional) because they just don’t feel like they belong to their gender assigned at birth then that’s a mental disease, no other way to put it, man. Mutilating the genitals and taking lots of hormones is traumatizing to the body and will certainly not solve the problem, because people would still only consider the gender the person was born with (I know I would and I don’t give a rat’s ass about what the person ‘identifies with’). It would be much, much less traumatic if they just sought psychiatric help or something of the sort to change their minds and be comfortable with what they were born with…

            I say this as a gentleman, of course BOTD. TO sound angry is not my intention. We are all booty sommeliers here plitely trying to debate the best path of enlightment through phat asses observation.

          • botd

            I used the hermaphrodite scenario to show that it was perfectly natural to be born with a male brain and female body parts, or the other way around.

            You can’t change what you’re attracted to. I know this for a fact because I can’t choose to be attracted to skinny girls or girls with fake tits and ass. Not even if a team of psychiatrists worked around the clock to change that.

            Put it like this. What if you were exactly the way you are, with the same thoughts and everything, but you were born with a female body. Would you stay female and have sex with men, or would you try to change back to who you really are.

  5. poohbia

    Does she have any nudes?

  6. iceman8069

    My God! She is bad as fuck! that second pic though..Good Lord!

  7. SeverYP


    My gawd…everything is natural?!

  8. Zorken

    My man BOTD knows what’s up…. that’s some red pill wisdom right there.. These White Knight suckers keep ruining women by making them entitled and shit.. fuck that..

    But at the very least these emasculated fucks are making it easier and easier for us to appear more masculine men to the ladies and get their attention… you just watch what these loosers do and then you don’t do it.

    Oh, the girl got nice ass and tits BTW, thanks for posting it..

    • botd

      Haha. Amen brother.

      But I’m gonna try to be nice and say it’s not their fault. Actual scientists have said that girls with hip to waist ratios like that and extreme female features are like drugs. They have the same affect on men’s brains.

      One day they’ll realize it’s not worth it anymore tho. Unfortunately by then they’ll probably become misogynists and serial killers.

      • Pete

        Bruh, there’s NO excuse !! I’ve seen cats do that to super skinny women with a pretty face….those are the dudes that tell them, “I’ll drink your bath water”….dudes are soft now days my man, I like to call them soy babies….

        • botd

          Haha that’s funny cause when I used to be a vegan for like 3 months they used to call me Soy Boy, cause I ate mad soy burgers. But I digress.

    • naughtynuff4u

      i would rather be single and not be a simp than to buy her gifts and to think that she let me have sex with her.

      • Pete

        My man, if you read up on ol’ girl, it says she’s engaged !! And these cats STILL come outtta pocket for some ass they’ll never hit ???!! Bitch ass dudes I swear

        • naughtynuff4u

          ikr? lol. they’ll never get any. all they do is sit at a computer and speak to girls they’ll never meet on twitter. they need to get a job. that’s what most people with a social life would do. guys would even give a direct deposit to her paypal account. what a fuckin’ joke.

        • botd

          Shit, what did I start. I mean I know it looks exactly like I was making fun of people, but it was supposed to be for entertainment purposes only.

          Cmon what if one of those guys comes over here, reads all this mean stuff, and then gets heartbroken. Just kidding dude, you’re cool.

          • naughtynuff4u

            I know you are BOTD lol. It states on her profile that she’s engage, but there are dudes who think buying her gifts and shit and by giving her cheap compliments is going to make her have sex with them. these dudes are retarded. Thats what being a simp would do to you.

    • ChrisKink

      Not to mention, she calls these guys “pigs” and that might be a part of the fantasy for them…

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