24 Responses to Iskra Lawrence Twerk

  1. mazin

    Smash regardless love her body

  2. Alf

    Shit whack.. When u gotta put some real ass up here, last 4 post have been subpar. I miss da booty.

  3. Joetuss

    Ever since i found out she got ass shots, i just can’t seem to care about this chick anymore

    • naughtynuff4u

      That’s what instagram fame will do to you. Being fake is what makes everyone attracted to fame.

    • Bootylove

      That’s the best fake ass I’ve ever seen then, so I doubt that’s true.

      • naughtynuff4u

        i guess if you like fake asses that when it’s groped, its like holding a bag of cement. at least i rather have the girl in the center who has natural wide hips than a girl with fake jell-o ass injections.

        • Naughtynuff4u

          Or that i like to call Jell-O shots.

      • Joetuss

        Google is your friend, or in this case dream crusher. She had fat transfers

    • dayum

      who ?? ISKRA??

      • Naughtynuff4u

        I’m still not attached to the name iskra. It don’t even sound like a real name lol.

  4. BootyBanditSDB

    Thanks C.A.!

  5. Alley Al

    Not fo nuthin but the thick brunette would get my 10 inches first! That’s some good cushion for the pushin.

  6. BootyBanditSDB

    Never mind! Please delete/disreguard this post and the one above

  7. BootyBanditSDB

    I’ve been also trying to find this clip in full with no luck. I found a similiar clip but it wasn’t the same one. Checked her Instagram and google.

    Where did you find the original?

  8. BootyBanditSDB

    Another great post! I would love to take Iskra but brunette isn’t bad neither…

    Also, if you want to see Iskra do a trick with her ass…..

  9. sundog

    My absolute dream woman. Hard truth.

  10. Bootylove

    Fat and skinny women just don’t compare to a thick girl. Iskra outdoing them all without even trying.

  11. PonyViper

    I agree with Black mon. Only, my Johnson would become a permanent fixture in that nice round ass of hers. Look at it like this; she would never have to worry about getting it doggie style.

  12. Black mon

    I would nut 1000 times and never pull out kf iskra, fake or not. She kooks real enough.

  13. naughtynuff4u

    i’ll take the girl in the middle. her thighs and hips are wide for my taste.

    • C.A.
      • naughtynuff4u

        Thanks! You know you’re grateful for getting something you want without having to ask for it. I’ll check her out.

    • Ghost

      I thought the same thing lol

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