12 Responses to Lenatheplug and Emjay Butt Buddies

  1. THE_CPT

    Really wish Lena would do porn like she already BFFFs wit Her karlee grey like just get dicked down on camera already.

  2. Willy

    They have this private snapchat they get naked, you have to pay $30 a month if you wanna be added. If anybody have a link where I can find screenshots or even videos would be nice.

  3. Paul

    Is this a scene they have done for a site?

  4. Pete

    I’d hit both properly

  5. Dezru

    I was wondering when you’d find Lenatheplug out… she is booty goals. Her snapchat is literally life. #wifeymaterial

    • botd

      True, she’s dope.

  6. Darius Taylor

    Thick Booty is good

  7. theMAc

    Lenatheplug gots way more Ass then Emjay,,. Emjay seems to be getting thinner, hope she gains a bit more weight to fill in that Round Booty and thighs…I still bang her doe haha..

  8. poohbia

    Nice find

    • Naughtynuff4u

      I want to find out if shes drinking henessey or whatever she’s drinking in the first picture.

  9. Naughtynuff4u

    The girl in the bottom pic to the right hips look wider from the front than it is from the back. Her thighs are probably the best part than her butt. Its like having panoramic effec of having an ass on the front and the back.

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