65 Responses to Ms Jazzy Boo Instagram Pics

  1. Luis De jesús

    Smash da ass

  2. Dj

    Definitely smash and no pulling out.

  3. meh

    unless she twerk, not interested

  4. This Guy!

    Welp, I guess I’m the minority here (and late by the way). She a-ight.

  5. Bootylover99

    Where is she from? she looks Latina and hot

  6. Dirty Urine

    C. She aight… nothing special

  7. Electriwizard

    Smash, smash and smash. Breed, breed, breed.

  8. 1_love

    would DEFINITELY smash the hell out of that pussy

  9. Anonymous

    Anyone know who this is?


  10. MEH

    Who is this. The ratio is insane!!!.


    • Udderman

      MsRoundcakes, you need to look her up


    totaly smash that fine ass

  12. DoubleD


    is anybody able to give me a name for this one?

  13. mmmm
    • DoubleD

      isn’t that Darlene Amaro?

      • realreal

        No she isn’t. This guy found a new brazilian jewel, thanks dude

  14. ilovemesomebooty


    Brother, how you doing?

    You must be busy with life. we understand, though. I appreciate that you still take the time to make a few posts a week.

    • botd

      Yeah kind of busy and plus there’s not that much good stuff anymore, but I’ll post once in a while.

    • Captain Ahab

      ^ +1/Agree wholeheartedly. For the most part, this site has been a safe haven a̲w̲a̲y̲ from obvious surgery procedures, giant tattoos and offensive photo shop jobs that are (sadly) a required prerequisite with a majority of internet models when it comes to looking for new names. As it stands, browsing former “hot spot” sites for new girls is no longer a lucrative endeavor. SURGERY. SURGERY EVERYWHERE. The last bastion of surgery free women is anonymous photo submissions on image boards or (with a lot of searching) BBW fan sites/tumblrs.

  15. BigBootyLova

    I wouldn’t pull out. Makes my monster grow! I would want to pound her 5x a day.

  16. Money

    Smash all the way

  17. Pete

    Fuck, you youngins/new cats to the site/soy babies are starting to work my damn nerve always bringing the race shit up in here. Look brothas, we already have enough of the race shit out in the real world and sometimes it’s good to just get away with it for a little bit. Instead of coming thru here and saying, “we don’t get enough of the sistas”, my dudes, there’s a GRIP of tumblr pages with what you’re looking for. If ya’ll so worried about sistas and race shit, get off the net and this site and go help our brothas and sistas in the community. Y’all want to take a stand for equality and love for our sistas, then do something OFF the net. Y’all complaining there’s not enough black booty but bet you be the 1st ones to call our sistas hoes…..this site is dedicated to extraordinary ass you normally DON’T see…so leave the race card at the door my dudes or just don’t visit the site. Simple

    • yet again

      i second this

  18. Chris

    I’d like to bang her AND her sister.

  19. dsgdsgdsgdsg

    Smash with the force of a thousand hot burning suns of pure hot primal raw fury.

    • sundog

      Best comment I’ve read in a long time. Chapeau.

  20. vikivik

    THick only in the right places…thats what real amazing stunning head turning beauty is….LUV U JAZZY

  21. vikivik
  22. vikivik

    Hats off to you Bro BOTD

    Jazzy Boo is awesome … I first saw her on Dynastyseries.com

    I was about to introduce her here thru comments…

    Thanks for the Great share though….
    You are fast enough….

  23. Douche Baggins

    Looks good… unfortunately she’s a complete idiot. Pass.

  24. Willie Beamon

    Smash…smash, then pass her ass off somewhere else. So somebody else can deal with the BS. All these real pretty chicks the same. Been with a bunch of them. They are fine as hell, but lack a lot. Most not all.

  25. Alf

    JazzyBoo? Pssshh aight

  26. mondotoken

    pass…racist post did it for me.

    • Alf

      U even know what racist means ? Smh

    • DigitalBullet

      I saw your post on her IG page LOL. I feel you, but it looks like her daughter is half black so she probably thinks she gets a pass.

    • yet again

      just pass on alf…

      smash on jazzyboo .. a beautiful human

  27. joetuss

    Pass, i prefer black women…she’s pretty though

    • Alf

      My g … Don’t get me started… These muthafuckas prolly hate my black ass lmao. But I’m with you on that one… Jazzy boo? They appropriate our names and our physical attributes but consider the “modification” better than the original? Haha they crazy my nigga

      • Zorken

        “They appropriate our names and our PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES…”

        SMFH Man, stop.. just stop.. take that SJW shit elsewhere..

        As a fellow big booty sommelier, it is my duty to help you see the light and try to make you realize that this is getting ridiculous…

      • Ajizzle

        Your physical attributes? Bwhahaha. Thickness exists everywhere. But if you’re trynna appropriate body physique, then no, she ainy got a black body as much as a latina body. Cause she got ass AND titties (not just bee stings) ANNDDD her face actually pretty.

      • yet again

        alf the alien strikes again!

        alfs always got a loaded pop gun when it comes to the color of cats! yo alf.. stop loadn the pop gun with racial terminology.. not everybodys your *n****a”… your certainly not mine.. i mean really? as a black man your going to promote furthing racism .. so weak… cant look at a few booty comments with out this cat droppn n-bombs among those who obvi arnt at liberty to do the same.. nor do most want to.. growup.. stop taintn the booty blog

        • Alf

          Damn what I do to you? I never even seen u up here before. BTW me racist? That’s new. Sorry for enslaving people and subjugating them and invidiously imprisoning them… Wait I never did that… Yet I’m racist? Ok then my racist makes white liberalism look like sheep-shit… C’mon son… I ain’t racist.. I even knock down a few white bitches

          • thisagainagain

            your weak bub… and kinda dumb…

            keep enslaving your mind with that lack of awarness and ignorance..

            you may notice (prob not) the reacurring theme in this thread when your tagged.. all comments about your racial under pinnings or in my case your overt use of the n word!

            the sad sad fact that this nation was built on the backs of enslaved afican americans is tragic .. that i agree with. suggesting that thick white girls are enacting cultural appropriation with the shape of their bodies is delusional!


      • botd

        @Alf Ignorant shit like that is part of why Trump won. People are sick of that shit. You’re like the black version of the KKK. Take that shit back to Tumblr with the rest of the SJWs that live in Bizarro World.

        Edit: Even if there was no such thing as white people or black people and everybody was just one race, just a nice shade of brown, there would still be guys attracted to thick girls with big booties and still be girls getting assjobs to look more attractive. So your argument is invalid.

        This is like arguing with a flat-earther.

        • Sev

          I think were over due for a fine friday frontals, been a minute since we had one of those!

          • botd


        • KingJ


        • Alf

          Damn ya’ niggaz that mad at me?? Shiiit. Damn, my bad, ain’t no need to get sensitive. BOTD c’mon we go back n fourth but I’m still here right? I even tell people bout your site in a good light… I do have freedom of speech don’t I? Tighten up baby

          • botd

            It gets annoying when somebody repeats the same shit over and over. Even I get annoyed at myself when I keep repeating shit.

          • thisagainagain


            i feel bad now.. guy has nnno clue..
            sad how blind people can be when their eyes should be open .. and how open their eyes are when they should be shut!

            if u dont wanna be judged by skin color stop advancing racism with racist remarks. set a good example as a black man.. botd is correct in sayn your actions at present are merely the opp end of the kkk in terms of the racism spectrum .. its a bummer and far to common in the world!

            we are all humans.. we live now.. accept others and embrace them for their differences .. youll reap the rewards

        • Alf

          @thisagainagain its recurring not reaccuring* but I’m kinda dumb to cite you. Anyway I’m not faulting white women for having bigger asses recently than they ate won’t to. I am talking about appropriating our names and slang and jargon. “Jazzy Boo” that name unobtrusively comes from black culture. Anyway to perrorate n conclude to paraphrase Mark Twain. ” I would feel wrong if I found my self siding with the majority. “Peace” and like I said I knock down white women so I ain’t racist B.

  28. Dus

    Smash… all day, everyday.

  29. SmashOrDie

    Done smashing that!! too bad for you guys! Now, where’s that tissue…

  30. Traxx

    Smash so hard 🙂

  31. G-Unit

    D) Smash and Marry

  32. poohbia

    Def smash

  33. Iceman1980


  34. Alley Al

    I’d play games on dat ass…Super Smash Bros.!

  35. Bootylove

    Thick as fuck and a cute face.


  36. Q


  37. Fam


  38. Beans

    She thick. Tits AND ass. Cute face, cute smile. A. Smash. Final answer.

  39. lolman

    Aight??? Seriously??? Fucking alright??? SHE’S FUCKING PERFECT DUDE! Smash until the apocalypse arrives!

  40. beardo

    Going to have to say smash on this lovely lady.

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