1,253 Responses to Big Booty Links – Part 11

  1. Anonymous

    http://sendvid.com/j2qy8nbl uᴉɐʅǝɔɹod‾ǝƃᴉɐd

  2. joe3000

    this is one of my fave cam girls at the mo . .hotfitcouple10


  3. JohnnyLongJohn
  4. poohbia

    anyone know who the chick in the thumbnail @ 30:54 is?


    • Chingonbydefault

      Now thats a Phat ASS, thanks for that one!

      • fire reaper

        yeah i like the shape

  5. JohnnyLongJohn

    Greatest Hip to Waist ratio I’ve ever seen on a white woman.


    The aspect ratios a bit off so the video is stretched, but the unstretched original was on Dailymotion (before they became a poor mans youtube) and it’s still pretty impressive.

    • Anon

      Cheers for the share! Always on the look out for PAWGS of these proportions!

      • JohnnyLongJohn

        She’s my favorite type too. Not even trying to dress sexy, but her body is BEGGING to get bussed down.

  6. TheCoalition

    Gold mine of all types of HD thick women.

  7. Zorken

    Hello my friends.

    Here’s Assparade’s latest video.. it features Eva Notty (https://www.bitporno.com/?v=FHV345DF2B)

    I got mixed feelings about this, so I would like to hear an honest opinion from all you booty sommeliers out there:

    Do you guys think Eva Notty deserves a place in the Assparade series? Cause I’m not sure…

    • Zorken

      Well thank you guys, for your opinion..

      However I will join the choir and agree that her current tits are absolutely hideous… her former ones were so perfect and with the right amount of sagginess that I didn’t even realized they were fake until I saw a tweet from Eva herself telling that they weren’t real. Oh man… her first doctor did an amazing job, but her last one should go to jail. I really don’t know why she thought she would need any lifting… now they look like ridiculous fake stationary plastic balls that won’t bounce and with scars all over the place..

      Then there’s her ass… it got a large surface area (that wasn’t there before, probably because it’s fake too), but no depth, no outward projection, no “bubble”.. that’s why it kinda looks weird to me and made me question if it fits the Assparade’s standard..

      But oh well, different strokes for different folks…

      Thank you again for being a part of this research.

    • Senor Blueballs

      @Zorken: Well, since you’re putting it out there, she doesn’t do it for me. My head’s on a swivel for women with small waistlines & substantially prodigious thighs-calves. But ask the next man and he’d probably wife her. Everyone’s subject to their own aesthetics. The thing is to avoid thinking in absolutes. Some of the comments here now and then are good for a chuckle or two though!

    • fire reaper

      shes phenomenal. she really shouldnt hv had a boobjob

    • pfunk_us

      For real, I miss the ol’ school Eva this fake ass and tit job Eve is not the same.

      See the Rodney Moore scene –> https://xhamster.com/movies/4009958/big_tits_milf_eva_notty_tan_chubby_fucking.html

    • Bobby

      That booty definitely fits very well on this site. Hot Damn what a body!

  8. Moon Doggy

    Princ3$$ P@wg Car Bate she turns that ass around this time, just bought this vid strictly for you guys hopefully everyone starts buying some and donating


    • joe3000

      respect for this!!, iv bought all her vids, this is the only one i havent got yet

    • MrSir

      We don’t deserve you

    • BootyFiend

      Thanks man for sharing man!

    • LoveBooty92

      Wow, nice find again bro! Ty!

  9. joe3000
    • KingJay

      colors_of_autumn94 of IG maybe?????

      • joe3000

        yeah mate aka princesspawg

  10. TheCoalition

    The Gold.
    One of many comps I put together, fire,

    • ILoveWhooty

      Please, tell me you know her name !!

  11. Newone

    You have been posting amazing shit thank you for keeping this site alive, till the return of botd ( hope so).check this one. Might not like the music but gotta love the ass. https://youtu.be/cngCC4tUH5A

  12. MrFrantic
    • BootyBay

      Analbabsi or Annabelle – Check out mydirtyhobbie.com

    • MrFrantic

      Where did you get this videos?

      • TheCoalition

        These are a few of the vids I collected over the years. I’ll plug in more.

  13. Anon

    She’s made some gains! Cotdayum. https://gfycat.com/ClosedMeagerGourami

  14. Prince Of Perverts

    Does anyone have any of shakira’s clips from this site?


  15. Digao

    The thickest thighs I ever saw in a Japanese. So thick body and cute face.




  16. Digao

    Skyler Luv. Amazing Curves and rides BBC like a champ.


  17. Digao

    Kaylee Kisses. So hot and thick thighs.


  18. Moon Doggy
  19. Moon Doggy
    • LoveBooty92


    • Big D

      Moon dog! You deserve a medal

  20. Undertunder

    http://www.bustycandy.com/ name of this girl please !!!!!

    • clover011808

      here’s the best you’re gonna get mate

    • Eli

      Dude, her name is probably candy… and this looks like her OFFICIAL SITE. What more do you need? you’re not going to get a name cause she isnt giving it out. Busty Candy is the most you’re going to get out of this one.

    • realreal

      yeah, that’s one of the biggest mysteries of this site

    • MrSir

      Maybe im wrong and not remembering correctly but this clip was posted on this site years ago and in the comments for that post was someone saying they got ahold of the people that shot that scene. The makers didn’t give out a name from what I remember. Most likely a rented stripper. Hope im wrong tho and someone knows who she is.

  21. BlackBrockSamson

    Ms P33p. Anyone else ever seen this chick? Skinny BBW and her ass got some nice jiggle to it


  22. itwhom

    looking to get this scene which was wipe doff the internet becuse the woman claimed she was married when she made it and got into legal issue with bangbros…
    can’t get thru this vid


    • Anon

      Very pretty woman. Good find!

    • Big d

      That is awesome

    • Duke

      Dude, love this girl. Been to many of her gold shows. Is that site you used good for uploads? I have a few videos I could ass.

      • Moon Doggy

        Yea bro it’s legit fast and free!!!

      • Duke

        I just mis-typed the word ‘add’ as ‘ass’….guess you know where my mind is!

    • Urban Studies

      After viewing the video, the tag “big ass riding dick” caught my eye as a possible lead. Clicking that lead me to a page container with this video listed:

      I them viewed the comments for that video, and a user by the name of mpenha (short for Marina Penha) turned up in the comments claim it was hers, leading me to this page:

    • poohbia

      Damn, nice

    • Anonymous

      3x0t1cp4nd4 (replace the numbers with letters) formerly from CB.
      Anon-v.com > search > 3xot1cp4nd4

      • IowaCornado

        Thank you!!!

      • kenshi

        search returns no results

        • Anonymous

          Search resulted in 4 results at said site. Links are offered as an assistance, not an insistence. Names and titles are encoded to give free content a longer lifespan and to prevent 404 errors from occurring. These safe guards will not be compromised for the sake of your ignorance. Get off Mommy’s compooter, junior.

          • kenshi


  23. Tetalover521

    Anyone know the other women ay 3:05? I know ones kelly divine.

  25. poohbia
  26. Jethro Toll
    • MrSir

      Was there ever more from her?

  27. mmmm


    maaan!! that ass…

  28. PAWG freak


    Anyone know who she is??! she is perfection!!

  29. boobhead
    • Ahmet

      ^Good look! This thread of comments is so enormous now that people aren’t even sure if they are linking previously posted content or not! The demand and interest in the subject is definitely there!

  30. Chingonbydefault
  31. Datdudedave

    Damn used to check this site daily, looks like he hasn’t posted in a while.


    • Anonymous

      Actually, OP posted a lot of links if you scroll down (to July 02). Even went on a rant (his own words).

    • Anonymous

      THANK YOU! Athletic women (with normal bodyfat)!

  32. fire reaper
    • pfunk_us

      lillith lust

    • Perico de los palotes

      Lilith Lust

  33. KingCuloo


    anybody know her name? because… shit! her ass is perfect!!

  34. pfunk_us
  35. JohnnyLongJohn

    does anyone have any nude videos of Elke? i saw some on ShesFreaky but they dissappered pretty quickly

    my contribution:


  36. PAWG freak

    The hottest PAWG i’ve ever seen Bella Monroe

    ANYONE have her premium videos saved??! The only model i’d actually buy vids from, but I cant because she took them all down.

    • pfunk_us

      If you got the time there are 63 videos here.


      • PAWG freak

        Yeah she had both a Manyvids and Mfc account, but when you go there now it’s empty. No videos or anything for purchase! Fuck. Those lost premium videos are the holy grail of whooty for me. Unless all she made were those three vids I linked to?! Does anyone know?! Are the rest up on a tube site somewhere?!

        • poohbia

          Its a shame she’s basically vanished online, she was my type

          • PAWG freak

            Mine too bro! All I have left now are the hottest archived cam shows

    • poohbia

      I havent seen anything from her in a while. Damn, nice

      • PAWG freak

        It’s fucking devastating man, she has the best ass I’ve seen since Lily Sincere. Fuck.

  37. crazed


    this was posted earlier and i tried finding out who it is with no success. does anyone know who this is?

    • Yabajaba

      CB: Tifannistar.

      Not very active anymore.

  38. Chris

    Do anyone have a link to the full vid of Mirella Mansur – Cabine Erotica?

    • pfunk_us

      Seriously, are most of these bitches just straight hoes nowaday making money working the internet streets…LOL…I was feeling her but looks like all these hoes now have stupid ink everywhere.

      • Senor Blueballs

        @pfunk: When most of what I was lookin at was bishes on IG, majority was photoshop’d, surgery & tatted jawns. So it looked like that’s all there was.
        Moved over to amateur (non-stripper, non-escort) focused sites, anonymous image boards and even BBW sites to learn that all that fake shit is not as dominant as IG makes it out to be. TL;DR: Look for new thick women at different sources instead of the obvious ones.

  39. Ahmet


    Don’t know her name. Enjoy regardless.

  40. Anonymous
  41. Anonymous

    M4ndy Mu53 – 5t3p 51bL1ng’5 53cr3t – Jun 05, 2017 (471.1 MB)

    • Anon

      I’ll go ahead and say it. That url scares the shit outta me.

      • Chingonbydefault

        I checked the link (https://www.virustotal.com/) . It’s a video of Coco Austin trying out a blouse. Title is misleading. Then again…you can fill in the rest.

    • tonathan


    • Rocco

      She need do porn immediately fuck skinny bitches this is women big boobs & big booty Bangbros,Brazzers,RK need to find her

  42. Coquinnoouu

    For Thick Asian Lovers
    Here’s a movie with KAORI


  43. caride
    • Urban Studies

      @msrtaye. Pulled the name from one of the related video thumbnails picturing the same chick. You guys need to step your detective game up.

    • Dibz

      We need her ID ! Those hips, that smile and that ASS!

  44. Danilo

    Check this guys does anybody have account or hd video free links for this booty paradise http://potonassmodel.com/home.html

    girls are amazing they are from Mexico or Colombia?

  45. Jay
  46. Anonymous
    • hachl

      DAAAAAAAAAMN !! who is she ?????????

    • Dibz

      Wow! Booty walking is my drug…

  47. Natedrake

    M@l m@lloy is back

    Does any of you guys have the new material? I heard she has a patreon and snap. Also, don’t know if she’s still pregnant or not.

  48. BlackBrockSamson

    This one is the truth. Anyone have a name or more links????


    • Anonymous

      Name, some photos/proof of ID – https://twitter.com/mona_lott12/media?lang=en

      As far as more videos, type her handle into just about any tube site and there you go (too many to link).

      *Seeing people on here giving wrong ID’s (maybe trolling) more and more regularly. Watch out for that shit.

  49. hachl

    chyna red new videos ??

    • mmmm

      google it!

      • hachl

        no , some new videos ??

  50. caride


    here ass got thicker ….she make some surgery of the nois ..and here lips got some filers

    do we have new videos form here does anybady have…

  51. Booty searcher



  52. Zahra Elise

    Zahra Elise. She is the newest baddest by . Very very far.. No comparison. Can someone just pay her right to get bust down like she desreve? She on the the verge like French Rosee. But she need to go allllll in and just get her full value. Please brothers.

    • booty_lover

      Zahra is the hottest bitch I have ever seen but there is no any nude source of her. But I am sure that everyone is aware that she is so popular and people are expecting more of her. So new videos might be published. I check her videos, snapchat, insta accounts daily :(((((

    • fire reaper

      shes my no 1 as well. Rosee divine was originally my no 1 before she quit. I m looking forward to more stuff from her.

    • botd

      OMG 1000 Comments! Good work everybody. Porp, congratulations, but sorry, you don’t win anything.

  53. Chingonbydefault
    • pfunk_us

      Man can you imagine what that locker room looks like…

  54. botd

    Bodacious Burlesque Broads…
    Miss Curvella… https://youtu.be/QxshM7_VSC0
    Ophelia Derriere… https://youtu.be/PQa_7RiZsYs
    Undine La Verve… https://youtu.be/IUigR0ht8Ww
    Aviva The Mirage… https://youtu.be/to_O3IaUp-s
    Iris Explosion… https://youtu.be/N50mCzRtTbo
    Susie Vavoom… https://youtu.be/P2JsRJMh5xI
    Trixie Biggins… https://youtu.be/Qyb-HtM7gME
    Trixie Malicious… https://youtu.be/h8IvZ2cKBic
    Havana Hurricane… https://youtu.be/wh_Bc_B4LLM
    Champagne Shuga Nova… https://youtu.be/OnhsIMC20zY?list=RDGclljl6HEF8
    Liad Hussein Kantorowicz… https://vimeo.com/37483932
    Zaftigg VonBonBon… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5vPpZ8tSQI
    And a classic… https://youtu.be/LFjk2Grd_lw

    • Board fan 007

      I was like YouTube botd you like this stuff?
      Miss Curvella … I’m sprung.

    • booty hunter

      Any news about Alexis Texas?what she doing,is she still racist? she need interracial

      • botd

        rant-start… I have no idea, but I don’t think it’s fair to call her racist. I mean even if it’s true that she doesn’t want to do porns with black guys, I can think of 4 different reasons off the top of my head that have nothing to do with being racist.

        Maybe these are all stupid reasons, but who knows. #1 She has a business manager that told her that most of her fans are racist white guys, and that they’ll get turned off if she fucks with a black guy, so she listened to him cause she wants to make more money. #2 She has a racist boyfriend even tho she’s not racist herself, and he told her don’t fuck with black dudes. #3 Her pussy got hurt by a big black cock some time in the past, and now she’s scared. #4 Maybe she’s just not attracted to black guys. Doesn’t mean she hates them.

        Ask yourself, are you homophobic…do you hate men just because you’re not attracted to guys? Is somebody transphobic cause they wouldn’t fuck a transgender girl even if she was hot? Am I a skinnyist…do I hate skinny girls cause I would never stick my dick in one, even if she begged me?

        Now if she said “Hey I hate ni**ers” … then I’ll be the first one to say Yeah she’s a racist bitch.

        People like to call others racist, sexist and misogynist so they could feel like they’re morally superior and better than them. And I’m sure a bunch of Democrats voted for Trump cause they’re sick and tired of SJWs. …rant-end

        • Board fan 007

          This is better than booty.

        • cole cash

          Really got to get in on this.
          Sorry BOTD, love your work, thank you a thousand times, even if we appear (as I see it coming) to strongly disagree on a fundamental subject (the one of racism, and hatred towards one another).

          Your belief about AT not being racist holds on flimsy hypothesis that she never said out loud “I hate black people”. But in the meantime, she doesn’t fuck black guys…. Go figure.

          It’s the whole problem of that question today : you can never denounce racism until that person said “I’m racist”, and then, someone would argue that that person was tired or on drugs…
          She clearly refuses to fuck with guys regarding the color of their skin. She refuses to work with black people. It’s plain racism. Intimacy is not even a question in that case, because we’re talking pornstars : girls and boys fucking on set, in front of a crew of a dozen people, for money; only to be seen by a wide audience of people in front of their computer.

          You can refuse to work in certain conditions, not doing certain objects, certain positions, but you can’t discriminate people and hope to get away with it.

          Today, you need rocket science to prove racism, almost bringing the crews of CSI Miami, Las Vegas and NYC, the Mentalist altogether and it would’nt be enough.

          Seriously BTOD, asking someone to explain you their definition of racism before even considering arguing with them is almost trolling. The actions (not fucking a certain race of people, because of their race) are there in plain sight.
          But you want us to post an essay about racism before going through that case ?

          To conclude, i’ll clarify a few points :
          -I’m not accusing you by proxy. You have a certain way of thinking a situation. I’ll respect it. As for AT, I don’t care that much ; great ass, I’ll keep an eye and a hand for her :p . Is she racist though ? For me, she is. She discriminates during her work, that’s racism. Plain and simple.

          -I’m talking about what I think racism is. I’m not defending black pornstars, like a nice friend. I don’t care about the individuals here (they have plenty of white fat asses to bang, I think they got over AT quite quick). My statement is general.

          -I really want to keep it cool, regardless of our different opinions. I’m not accusing anyone by proxy. If you (or someone else) disagrees with me here, that doesn’t make him(her) a racist. Of course 😮 .

          • cole cash

            @zorken :

            -first, intimacy vs workplace. No one can come to your own house and force someone into your bed. That’s a place where no one can stop you or condemn you of being racist. We can discuss about why we are less attracted to one race or the other (to me, it’s a social construction, that makes people saying there not attracted to one race, rather than just plain and simple god given taste).
            But in one’s own friends, family, bed, I don’t want to bother.

            Workplace is a whole different thing, where discrimination has no place. Of course, porn is a very particular worplace, but still. You d’ont expect discrimination there because we’re not commenting about the KKK porn association. There, that’s discrimination if you refuse certain race, on the sole basis of their race. There’s nothing easier to see than that.

            Another flimsy argument about this type of situation is “what if I a hetero man don’t want to fuck another man ? Does that make me homophobic ?” That’s such a lazy and bad faith argument.
            Gay people never fought for the right of fucking straight people (that would be rape), they fought for the right of fucking with each other, in full consent. Homophobia doesn’t mean “straight guy don’t wanting to fuck another dude”. And sexuality is a thing in its own right, try to mix it with racial discrimination just to ignore the racial discrimination is utter bad faith. Sorry dude, no other way to call it.

            And that goes for the “if I refuse to fuck a skinny/fat/whatevernonracial girl, does that makes me something-phobic ? ” Seriously ? That’s the best you guys (you and Btod) can come up with ? Burrying a serious and documentend, historical question under tons of particular (and serious) questions that sould have their own thread ? Off topic at least, trolling if I were to see bad faith everywhere.

            Discrimination regarding the skin color takes back to a terrible history of segregation, of terrible speeches and writings about races. Why would you fuck any guy, ugly, big small, nice but NOT a black one? That’s the thing I’m talking about here, public discrimination. I could’nt be clearer. This act has a whole different meaning than just “not wanting to”. How you cannot see it just baffles me.
            To me, there’s a context, a history in wich our actions take more (but never less) meaning. Racial discrimination has a history. I don’t want to be to lyrical, write a long and engaged speech. In the end, it’s just porn. No one got killed or anything, I just can’t help myself but seeing discrimination.

            It blows my mind at how hard it is to call a cat, well, a cat. She discriminates on the basis of the skin color, that’s racism. But no, come with your own definition of racism etc etc. But no problem calling me frustrated or SJW. Thinking that I’m black when I’m really not (easier to think I’m biased). Smh…
            I’ll repeat, I don’t care about her, neither the individuals black porn actors she dismissed. I’m arguing about general principles. I’m not butthurt or anything, no one pays me. So please stop with the ad hominem attacks.

            @BOTD : yeah, I see where you’re going… Let’s circle as far away possible from the problem, then, only when you’ll allow it, we’ll get into it. Oh, and what does the dictionnary has to say by the way ?

          • Zorken

            @cole cash and @BlackBrockSamson long text incoming..

            I really believe that sex is the one situation in life where it’s completely okay to discriminate people based on whatever category for whatever reason without having to answer to anyone. It’s that or else it will be ok to condemn men for not fucking gay, trans, fat bitches and whatnot. There are no “forbidden reasons” for not to have sex with someone and that doesn’t mean the person is evil, we are talking about having the right to do what you want with your body here…

            Sure, when I mentioned that sex is an intimate act that requires chemistry and all that I knew that pornstars don’t know each other and they fuck strangers all the time, but even on that situation they need to look at the person they are working with and be okay with fucking them. If they don’t feel good, then it just won’t happen. I think it’s too early to call AT a racist.. she would be a racist in my book if she was somehow denying black dudes what’s rightfully theirs simply because they are black.. however, fucking her on set is not anyone’s right, but rather a privilege that has to be agreed by both (or more, heh) parts. So I fail to see racism there, but rather a chick that’s exercising autonomy over who gets into her pants

            (she has done lesbian with Cherokee d’Ass once, that proves she doesn’t hate black meat, just not male black meat, on set at least.. for economical reasons (that are an unfortunate reality) as pointed out by BOTD)…

            But I can completely see your frustration here.. it sucks to see a really hot chick that won’t fuck guys of the same skin color as you, it just ruins things.. I can say for once that as a white dude, I just can’t wank to a porn video featuring a black dude, it just won’t happen, it doesn’t help with the fantasy. And I surely won’t condemn black dudes that won’t wank to videos featuring white dudes. I will totally recognize your right to boycott AT because of this rather unfortunate decision of hers, but labeling her a racist is going a little too far and can open a dangerous precedent to SJWs to pressure us into going for stuff we also don’t like..

            Okay, hell, this is just a big booty forum, but you get my point, heh. At the end of the day. I wish you all peace, but hey, if you just want to be mad at AT and the porn world, so be it…

            Thanks for reading this far!

            Nighty night.

          • botd

            @colecash You have to go back and read my comments again because I answered all those points already from top to bottom. And instead of responding to the answers I already gave, you’re just ignoring everything I said, or not even reading it, and then going back to the very beginning. Also you’re expecting me to know what your definition of a word is when words have no inherent meaning. We give them meaning, and it seems like your definition is different than the dictionary’s definition and different than my definition. It’s impossible to have a conversation like that.

        • BlackBrockSamson

          These lil points you made are nice and cute warm and fuzzy cozy lil excuses that anyone could try to reach for regarding the Texas chick.. now I will offer perspective from the other side..

          If a stripper says she doesn’t give lap dances or take tips from black guys, if a hooker says she doesn’t sell pussy to black guys, if a porn star refuses to do scenes with black guys, its called racism. Period. Any type of excuse or reasoning you can come up with as the basis underneath said racism is still just the foundation of a racist mindset.

          Now if a doctor refuses to see black patients, or a lawyer refuses to represent black clients, or a restaurant refuses to serve black customers, its never in question.. they would always get exposed as being racist.

          Comparing racism to someone who wouldn’t want to fuck a man or a tranny because they’re straight makes zero sense.

          The reason a chick like Alexis Texas can be a racist and still be a superstar is because she does porn. It’s the nature of the beast. When it comes to porn you can survive anything with an ass like hers. The world wont care about her morals or her racist mentality cuz that ass outweighs all that shit. The world doesn’t respect porn as an industry anyway so there would never be a national narrative on racist porn stars. It’s the same reason we get to pirate all their content on sites like this one, with posts with over 1,000 comments of ppl sharing and requesting content just like this one. The F3ds will never back the porn industry in their attempt to control it cuz the world doesn’t give a shit about the porn industry. Yet and still none of this means a chick like Alexis Texas gets to escape the all mighty title or racist. We’re talking about a chick who has done hundreds of scenes but not a single one with a black guy, while pretty much all her peers have no problem doing interracial. We’re talking about a chick from Texas of all places who literally has Texas in her name. Not gonna get into the history of racism but we should all know Texas was at the heart of it. This concludes my rant lol

          With all that being said tho.. I wanna say shout to BOTD and the whole squad in here for breaking the 1,000 comment barrier. Just adds to the list of reasons why this site is legendary.

          And as one of the brothers said to BOTD earlier.. WELCOME BACK, Cap!!!

          • BlackBrockSamson

            @PAWG VS BBC

            Alexis Texas wasn’t even in the top 10 highest paid porn stars for 2016. The money argument can officially Rest In Peace now. Nice try

          • PAWG VS BBC

            She want more money trust me money change everything maybe for 300k she will give BBC her booty http://www.celebfinancialwealth.com/alexis-texas-net-worth-annual-income-monthly-income-weekly-income-and-daily-income/

          • BlackBrockSamson


            Ok bro I def hear what you’re saying. But I still disagree on certain aspects

            1. I see racism as more than just thinking someone of a certain race or ethnicity is inferior. To me racism is anytime you change the way you think, speak, or act towards someone based on their skin color or ethnicity
            2. My argument isn’t circular. I’m alleging more than anything because I don’t know Alexis Texas personally. I’m saying that because of her career choices and the fact that she refuses to fuck a black man on camera, to me it suggests that she is racist. For some reason black men aren’t good enough to be on the list of guys she will fuck on camera. Whatever reasoning you want to try to put behind it be my guest.
            3. I don’t buy the money excuse. Especially when she is the only porn chick known for intentionally excluding an entire race from her on camera body count. All these other porn chicks do IR scenes or whatever and they seem to be doing fine
            4. I think we define “fat shaming” differently. To me, publicly saying negative things about fat ppl such as “fat bitches are disgusting and they stink cuz they cant reach a lot of places when they bathe” is fat shaming. However I do understand what you mean in the context of this discussion on someone not wanting to fuck fat chicks. But the fact is.. fat people are not a race. A skinny person can become fat. A fat person can become skinny. So I have a hard time comparing that to the subject of racism.

          • botd

            @BlackBrockSamson I hearya. I think I understand your view now. I’ll address only point number one, unless you want me to respond to all of them.

            It sounds like you don’t like the fact that she won’t sleep with black guys, and basically you’re using the word racist to describe that. I agree that it’s a valid concern, but I just disagree with the label. I think it should be called something else. Maybe a new word. Wait, is it discrimination? Nah it should be specifically about sex. Sexist? No wait. Intercoursist? I dunno. Ohhh Sexcrimination. Yeah that’s it. Call Webster. I have an announcement.

            You might be thinking, yo BOTD, you’re making a big deal out of this. There’s nothing wrong with using that word. But here’s the problem I have with it. This is the main beef people have with SJWs. That they label anything they disagree with as racist or sexist. Other people hear it and repeat it without looking into it themselves, and now a whole bunch of people think that that person hates other races, or hates women.

            I was gonna give an example of somebody I respect that was smeared as a racist on Twitter for something that has nothing to do with race (criticizing Islam), but I talked too much already. Maybe later.

          • botd

            Shit, these comments are all out of order after I reversed them.

          • BlackBrockSamson


            I was trying to establish the obvious differences between being a doctor, lawyer, etc and being a porn star.

            And I don’t buy that intimacy bs for this argument. These people are fucking on camera for MONEY. Not because their date went super well earlier that night. A lot of these porn chicks fake every orgasm they have on camera. There’s a difference between intimate and sexual.

            As for a man not fucking BBWs… most men in the business aren’t in a position to turn down that money, so they’re gonna do what they have to do. If one of them did refuse to fuck BBWs no one would give a single shit because male on female porn is never about the male. Have you every actually heard of a male porn star accused of fat shaming because he hasn’t had a big girl yet? I’ll wait..

            As for straight guys not wanting to fuck trannys… I’m not even gonna waste my time here.. all you get for that one is an LOL

          • botd

            @BlackBrockSamson Okay but what if it’s precisely because of money. Some people are saying that in the industry, you get valued less for sleeping with black guys, and after that they pay you less. I mean that doesn’t even make sense to me. But what if she believes it’s true.

            Also, I think your last two paragraphs kinda prove my point. You’re agreeing with us. It would be ridiculous to fat shame somebody for not wanting to sleep with fat girls. It wouldn’t make sense to ask why a straight guy doesn’t want to fuck a tranny. Now apply that same reasoning to race.

            The point is, they’re all based on attraction or the lack of…not based on hatred or devaluing.

          • botd

            Just in case you think I’m making the money thing up, read the second comment here…


            If that actually was true, it would mean the porn industry’s racist, not her. She might think money is more important than her image.

          • Zorken

            @BOTD lol my bad.. heh.

          • BlackBrockSamson


            Honestly as I sit here in 2017 I really don’t feel the need to spell out the definition of racism. People often try to break it down as if its the most complex thing on earth and it really isn’t. I kind of regret my response to your comment now because it wasn’t my intention to turn one of my favorite sites in my bookmarks into an open forum discussion on racism. I never like to feel like the buzz kill in the room. As I said previously, I was just trying to offer a different perspective.

            Racism is always gonna exist in this world. Sad truth. The application of it is what causes conflict. If a person keeps it within the privacy of their own mind or their own home then there’s no problems. When it goes beyond that personal realm and gets out into the world, like Don Sterling, or someone like Alexis Texas who brings it to the work place, then myself and many others who share my opinion will consider them racist.

            Come on my dude lets just keep it 100.. there is no way in hell a chick like Alexis Texas, with an ass that’s worth its weight in gold hasn’t had black guys in the business wanting to work with her for years. Then think about the fact that she actually has done interracial shit. 3some scenes with black and Latin chicks.. she even did a scene with this one guy who literally didn’t speak English, only Spanish. She has plenty of variety on her resume, but not a single black guy over here entire career!? I just cant wrap my mind around someone trying to say that ain’t racist

          • botd

            @BlackBrockSamson Bro, it’s very important for people to define the word they’re having a conversation about. It’s like if two people have a conversation about “God” … they need to explain what they mean by that, because they could be talking about two different things. You could be defining it very loosely, and I could be defining it very strongly. For example, to me, it means hatred of another race, or believing that another race is inferior. That’s why I can hear that she doesn’t want to sleep with black guys, but at the same time not believe that she hates them or thinks they’re inferior.

            It sounds like you’re starting off with the conclusion that “She’s racist” and then working your way from there. So to me it sounds like you’re saying “If a racist doesn’t want to sleep with black guys it’s obviously because she’s racist, which is a circular argument. She’s racist because she’s racist.

          • Zorken

            Dude, this argument doesn’t work because the porn/sex business is not like being a doctor, a lawyer or working on a restaurant (places where refusing to work with some kind of people because of gender and religion and race are an ethical issue).

            We are talking about having sex, the most intimate act you can perform with someone, with physical contact and all of that… it gotta have chemistry and attraction, and if by some reason (ANY REASON) the actress doesn’t feel comfortable doing the scene with so and so person than she has all the right not to do so… even if her excuse is “I won’t fuck you because the sky is too blue today”, you have to accept it, period..

            Just read BOTD’s comment again… if you where an actor that would never fuck, let’s say, BBW chicks (or trans dudes).. and then SJWs kept pressuring you and shaming you and calling you “fatphobic” (or transphobic) for not fucking them, would that be fair? Well, I guess not…

            But then again, you have all the right to boycott Alexis and never watch a scene featuring her if you think what she is doing is so wrong…

          • botd

            @Zorken No fair, I was gonna make that same argument, but wanted to get his definition first.

          • botd

            @BlackBrockSamson Thanks for the comment and support.

            Simple question…What’s your definition of racist?

        • botd

          Oh one more thing cause this is important. When people keep throwing those labels around all the time for every little thing they disagree with, they’ll start losing their meaning. Then one day when you try to warn somebody about an actual racist, sexist or misogynist, nobody’s gonna believe you. Like the boy who cried wolf.

          • Our BOTD Roots

            Get Out is perfectly setup for an all time vicious porn remake. Niggas thrashing , horror and jokes!

        • botd

          Speaking of racism, here’s a funny video….


          And no, Matt and Trey are not racist.

    • MirSir

      I’d say coco

  55. Hachl

    Some msroundcake’s naked videos pllllllllzz ???

  56. Draxler

    My top pornstars in 2017:
    -Angela White
    -Mandy Muse
    -Kelsi Monroe
    -Kitty Caprice
    -Blondie Fesser
    -Nina Kayy
    -Rose Monroe
    -Jada Stevens
    -Ryan Smiles
    -Anikka Albrite
    -Alura Jenson
    -Sara Jay
    -Ryan Conner

    and want to see comeback Alexis Texas,Valerie Kay,Sophie Dee,Kelly Divine,Ava Rose, Carmen De Luz,Lexxxi Lockhart,Julie Cash….

  57. TinfoilHat

    Guys, hit me up with the best mixed magazine videos. I can’t find any. Help a brother!

  58. Josh

    chubbyoftheday :

    I believe its the first interracial scene for anastasia lux:

    amateur channel with nice and hot wife:

  59. Chris


    Check out this giant ass on such a think girl! Super fat ass.
    Anyone ever seen her before? I was randomly on twitter and ran into it.

    • Nate

      That would be Sabella Monize AKA Duvy. She has done porn, twerking vids, and some weird homemade fetish shit. It’s just a quick search away.

      Oh, and I’m pretty sure she’s been featured on this site a couple times.

      • Chris

        I wasn’t sure that was her. Thanks bro.

  60. Jason

    Does anybody have some videos or anything on this girl?! https://www.instagram.com/thatbootysweatt/

    • jason

      her name creeps me out too much idk it makes me feel like she smells like cheese.

  61. Our BOTD Roots

    Never forget where we came from fellas! http://flykarmabird.tumblr.com/archive

  62. botd


    That last one just recently made her’s private, but she has a nice booty that should be open to the public.

  63. Danilo
  64. botd

    Wide-Hipped Chick Curvy Kristina
    Curvy Cam girl
    (My favorite type of video…a thick cam girl walking around the room naked)
    Curvy milf public nudity
    Private Strippers
    (The shorter girl)
    Thick cougar handjob…
    (My second favorite type of video…can never get tired of thick milf hand relief)
    BBW Olivia Stewart
    Retro hourglass Mexican chick Lina Santos…
    Brazilian Party Orgy
    (A couple of thick ones)
    Curvy Asian Cam Girl Sydney Lee aka Astrodomina
    (Her ass isn’t big, but there’s something about her that’s kinda sexy…Oh I know what it is…Now cross your legs the other way baby…fapfapfap)
    Curvy Rachel White
    (Not sure if real or fake, but looks real enough to stroke it)
    This one’s old news, but I’m gonna post it anyway cause I like her…

    • Anonymous

      That barrage of quality though! After months of sub-par shit, the pharma grade stuff could be too overwhelming for some folks!

      Oh yeah… WELCOME BACK, Captain.

      • botd

        Glad you like it bro, and thanks for the support.

    • botd

      My bad for posting their full names. If they run and hide and close their accounts, just blame BOTD.

      • fire reaper

        welcome back bro.

      • pfunk_us

        Is this the rebirth of BOTD Admin?

  65. Anou

    Anyone have more videos from bubblebuttfetish.com?

    • BlackBrockSamson

      I’d love to see more of her too… the waves of that ass woulda sunk Noah’s ark.. I’m pretty sure we all have a better chance of winning the lottery than seeing her do actual porn tho smh

    • Moarlin

      Same question

  66. poohbia
  67. FleeceJohnsonBigBootyWarrior

    Anybody got videos of big booties getting real beat downs. I love it when I see a booty getting smashed

  68. Danilo

    Hey anybody have account on mixed magazine i need video Zahra Elise – Pure Booty?

  69. X

    I miss Thewildesttflower (Kelsey) on tumblr. Her ass was ridiculous. Would post a pic every now and then. Anyone know if she made a new one or has an Insta or something?

  70. pfunk_us
    • GotBootyOnMyMind

      ID Granted!!! Bro your gonna love me for this one right here!! This her going crazy with her pussy http://whoabooty.com/789/

      Your Welcome! 🙂

      • pfunk_us

        U my nigga, good look out.

  71. caride
    • Jethro Toll

      Somebody, anybody, please figure this out.

    • Dibz

      I want to know too!

  72. GotBootyOnMyMind

    This Chick Booty is So Damn Sexy & Big!! Laaawwwdd! http://whoabooty.com/1155/booty-so-phat/

    • Chingonbydefault

      This is her Instagram https://www.instagram.com/justlikebo/

      That ASS needs more followers!

      • GotBootyOnMyMind

        Bro thanks and you aint lying that ass need more followers. I want to see that bih ass nekked

  73. Anonymous

    An example of why BOTD (the Admin of this site) is a connoisseur and a vital asset to a community that appreciates curvy women!

    This discovery deserves a (2nd) look!

    • poohbia

      She got any nudes

      • sundog

        Still looking….

  74. poohbia
  75. King James
  76. Senor Blueballs


  77. fire reaper
  78. Jay

    Goddamn does anyone got info on this one: https://www.instagram.com/p/BVgRdDYFej3/

  79. hachl

    some diamond doll’s premium video ???

    • Urban Studies

      I’m definitely sending a pattern here…

      • hachl


      • Urban Studies


  80. pawglovr2

    Some insane videos of Julie Cash on clips4sale.com/98969

    I think these are a little older and she is super chubby making that ass all time huge!!

  81. BlackBrockSamson

    I need help from the squad.. anyone have a link for the Kelso Monroe scene at the 21:00 mark? I cant find it anywhere!


  82. Jethro Toll

    Post a link or something so we know you’re here man. I’ve been an avid visitor of this site going on 5 years now. I Wanna say thanks for those good years man and I miss the content you were sharing. Anyways, best of luck on whatever you’re doing man.

    This ass isn’t the biggest, but her arch is perfect. She has been an all time favorite of mine. A gift. http://www.xvideos.com/video1189994/homemade_teen_girlfriend_creampie_sextape?pl=15819383&plname=legendary

    • botd

      I’m still here but I don’t have any links. Thanks for the support though.

  83. KingJ

    If you love curve in general you WILL FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS GIRL!!!


  84. Good Content

    does any one know any other good sites for content like this?? please share

  85. hachl

    plzzzzzz some anja dee’s new video ??????

  86. lolman

    Hey fellas, thanks to the links provided by Contributing i was able to find a post on 4chan with pic of Mal Malloy during pregnancy (also some new post-pregnancy pics), i’m not sure if it’s her on some pics but it’s worth to check:


    I’m not sure if you guys are into pregnant (pawg) girls but hey! She’s back!

  87. Jay
  88. Contributing

    Guess which PAWG is active again and posting new stuff in 2017?


    • Raekwon

      She must have a gut cause she never shows her full stomach

  89. mmmm
    • Bamm

      Nice find real nice

    • MirSir

      I got next!

    • Tetalover521

      Who’s the bitch gettin her ass spanked

    • bootox

      DAAAaaam! This chick knows how to clap that ass! And that is a wicked ass for sure, with all that jiggling! TY, Mr. Poohbia.

    • Urban Studies

      Oh shit—for a sec I thought that was Olivia Jensen.

    • Senor Blueballs

      She’s stirring food in a frying pan… AND THAT ASS JIGGLIN. PAWG Of The Year candidate most def!

    • caride

      do they have instagrams …help some body

      • Anonymous

        All photos are of 1 single woman. I made sure to type her IG handle (just switch the numbers with letters).
        Avoid spelling any names outright because IG girls Google their own names, find out people are sharing photos and close accounts.

    • ElOhEl

      Nice find. Sexy face and body.

  90. 1_love

    Can some please tell me who this is? So fucking sexy.


  91. ray

    Anybody have more info on these 2?

    First one goes by Thais but anybody know if she has other scenes or goes by another name?

    This girl is LIsa from faceriding delight but any more scenes or full name?

    • BlackBrockSamson

      Great find Jethro thanks for sharing. With an ass like that this chick could be a star lol

      On another note.. am I the only one who thinks BOTD should just hand over the keys at this point? Closing in on 1,000 comments is cool but it would be better if there was some type of organization or categories for all these damn links lol

      • MirSir

        I volunteer for mod

    • In response to best share ever

      DUDE.. You just made my week with this fin

      I ask this in honor and bowing to one of the best shares i have ever seen on this site..
      Do you know who she is and where i can find more of that sweet, juicy, bubbly, beautiful ass
      That bouncy wave puts me in a daze of memorization.. please help me find more of this goddess doing some doggy

      • In response to best share ever

        so fucked up from that ass. i meant you made my week with this”find
        and “mesmerized

        • Jethro Toll

          It’s so stupid how proud I am of this accomplishment. Cause it really, probably isn’t. I was skipping through pages in the big butt section of xhamster and stumbled on it. You know much about her as me honestly.

  92. Shaggy

    Can anyone find entire video of mz butterfly from pinkys website where she gets fucked in a purple lighted hotel room?

    • Anonymous

      Muh heart palpitations! That fist link fiyaa! Good look! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★’s

    • Chingonbydefault

      Phat Ass my weakness lol

  93. Senor Blueballs
  94. Boss boss
  95. DaPhreak

    Paige Porcelain’s ass is ridiculously fat.


    Youre welcome

  96. BlackBrockSamson
  97. hachl
    • Anonymous

      Someone has to know her name.

    • Anonymous

      I want to know her name as well.

      She’s great.

  98. Anonymous
  99. Desperateeeee

    Please anybody with her name or more of her videos anythinggggggg omg


  100. lolman
    • Asdfman

      gluteusdivinus clips4sale –

  101. Ric Flair

    Does anybody have any new savanna ginger scenes or connect pal footage?

    • kent

      does anyone have traci lords first movie …

    • Nate

      Not my proudest fap hehe

      Thanks for sharing

    • Yabajaba

      I was browsing through them like it’s cool, I’ll just mute the volume. Until I clicked on the one that immediately starts off with a wet-sounding one. Can’t unhear.

    • poohbia

      Duvy’s my girl but I cant get into this

      • naughtynuff4u

        I see; well, everyone has their preferences.

  102. candid
    • The Funk PhenomAnon

      Liking this girl! Thanks!

  103. mmmm
    • BootyBay

      That’s Slim2Baad. If you look at the end of the video it says her name there. I got you fam!

    • mmmm

      actually i need more. i know the name. when i see big bubble booty… sorry

      • KingCuloo

        what’s her name? lol

  104. Moon Doggy

    Can we get some info on Viola_Swan??!!!

  105. The Ruler


    The Model at 3:41 is blazin. Anyone know who she is?

    • RasTrent

      Not tryin to be a dick, but 3:41 is literally just one random ass shaking in a rap video. No face. You…you got more to go on there? Good luck with that name

      • The Ruler

        Nah bro. She’s the one that’s wearing tan colored one-piece. She appears at 2:48 2:51 3:28 and 3:41.Ooof that ass doh.

    • Anonymouse

      Holy JESUS she has it going on. Perfect body, perfect face… There has to be more of her, anyone know how to find out?!?!?!!?!? Is there a genius out there who can find?

    • bootox

      Mr. Fire Reaper, you’re indeed a true master! Thanks for all the effort.

      • fire reaper

        Np. when i find her i.d I will let you all know

    • Dibz

      She’s gorgeous! Need more.

    • fire reaper


      • Anonymous


  106. Kim

    Any know who this is? https://www.instagram.com/p/BVNPkKDjOf0/
    Awaiting a prompt reply! Big love

    • Contributing

      No results in reverse image search. Picture’s too new. Give it some time. Props for finding her though.

      Working Instagram accounts of the thickest women are becoming more rare now. Had close to 100 URL’s bookmarked, now about a dozen are still active. Girls moving on to newer social media platforms or going private because of trolls. It seems like asking these ladies to share photos instead of hunting for new accounts is the way to go now.

  107. anonimo
  108. Zorken

    Newest Mandy Muse scene:


    Oh, does somebody got any news on Ryan Smiles? Whenever you think you are about to get a steady flow of scenes from her, the bitch just goes silent..

    • Senor Blueballs

      Curious. Her twitter hasn’t been active since February (https://twitter.com/ryanxxsmiles). Perhaps working with larger dudes has resulted in some discomfort for her.
      That would explain the trend of the curvier “gonzo” girls names popping up on alt-porn sites (kink.com, etc) in google searches.

    • Don

      Creamy Exotica. She did work on her ass but she has put on some weight

  109. Richard


    • kenshi

      her name is Noe Milk

    • tallwomenfav3

      dat black booty so round and juicy

  110. Anonymous

    Anyone know who this is?


    • poohbia

      Front view is meh, side view is on point tho

  111. JOHN DOE

    semi-pro stuff, not the best but atleast its new girl !

    black ambush – yuliana



    • Yoo

      What’s her name? It’s the same chick in both right

      • fire reaper

        yes, sadly dont know her name only archived her vids

  112. hachl

    Give us a link for anja dee’s new videos plz !!

    • Natedrake

      Wait, what new videos? Leaked videos or from a cp account???… How do you know there’s new stuff from here?? Can you put the source of that or the website?

      • poohbia

        I was wondering how dude knew there was new videos as well


  113. Duke

    Anybody got anything from this Insta-chick?



  114. mmmm

    guys, my pornstar list is still the same for many years.

    1- cherokee d’ass
    2- luscious lopez

    that’s all.

  115. Hachl

    People some anja dee’s videos plz ????

    • Anonymous


      Friendly note: If anyone needs a vid or pics, offer up your own link as compensation (for example: lookin for Anja Dee vids. Here’s pics from a new girl’s Instagram for your trouble).
      Otherwise, what this site ends up becoming is a bunch of people asking for stuff and no one answering.

      • hachl

        new vide plz of anja dee ??

        • hachl

          Give us a link for anja dee’s new videos plz !!

  116. pfunk_us
    • fire reaper


  117. mrfrantic

    Guys please who is this chick-


    • Bamm


      • mrfrantic

        thanks guys

    • BlackBrockSamson

      She work at Follies.. that ass is insane when you see it in person

    • GuideP

      It’s lacey jane

  118. Shaggy
    • pfunk_us

      I was able to find a torrent of her site and got every set but no videos.

      She did some hardcore in her set though.

    • tonathan

      Neither her or her daughter made any videos.

    • Porner

      ive searched for her videos nearly about 1 year and then lost the fight. No wins I guess…..or may be there could be a hero in the story having her videos in some hard disc

  119. InLoveWithBigBooties
    • Urban Studies

      That’s Katt Leya

      • pfunk_us

        She recently got a bad boob job, looks bad like when Eve Notty got her’s done.

  120. BossBoss
    • poohbia

      “Sorry, this page isn’t available.

      The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed”

    • Senor Blueballs

      Seen her pics around but thought they where all Photoshop! The video in that link proves otherwise. A damn shame someone “Philko’d” (carelessly unleashed) the internet on her like that and forced her off social media. When people are absentminded with handling names of ladies that have the potential to become popular (BBW OR NOT), those models end up taking photos down and staying away from social media!
      Don’t forget to encode them names, people!

      • BossBoss

        Agreed I just wished dudes would just see the pics and enjoy them not harass her and make her take all her pics and videos down SMH ‍♂️

  121. poohbia
  122. MirSir
    • bootox

      It’s related in the comments of the link you provided. Her name is Nana Kiyozuka. In a search, insert JAV before her name.

      • bootox

        Sorry, I made a mistake with a link below.

  123. AreJay
  124. Narrr

    Bootyoftheday when are you going to HAVE shit? Its been 4 months.

    • Anonymous

      THAT is a serious case of constipation. Call a Docta!

  125. TurkishBoy
  126. Jethro Toll

    We talking some mal malloy type shit.

    • Dibz

      What a find! I’m hypnotised.

    • caride

      thnx bro

      • fire reaper

        sure thing

  127. tiago

    Where do you have the videos of “Chocolate Models” in May 2017 to watch?

  128. R

    Those points below are actually really good points, BOTD. Maybe you should consider posting once a week or even once a month in the future.

    I get what you’re saying though, man. There isn’t a ton of material out there…

    • 1_love

      Who is this???? Name Plz

      • Anonymous

        Her handle is typed in the initial comment.
        More – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ur3glqj6ESY *Backstory: Prior to the release of that video, it was simple to find her photos with a reverse image search. In the aftermath of that debacle / fuckery, her content is on lockdown and rare af (hence, the notation of the date).

    • pfunk_us

      Nevermine false alarm it’s Virgo should have read the description LOL.

  129. Concerned

    Hey BOTD, porn aside, you doing okay? No one has heard from you in awhile.

    • botd

      Yeah I’m okay.

      • 1_love

        Will you be posting again anytime soon????

        • botd

          1. I can’t think of any good reason to post
          2. There’s hardly anything to post anyway, there’s no more thick girls on porn sites
          3. Also there’s no point in posting other people’s work/content
          4. Maybe one day in the very distant future, you’ll come to this site and see original videos of thick girls produced by BOTD

          • Pete

            I feel you my man !!! And I’m going ot have to agree…..as long as you’re good, that’s all that matters. I’ll be looking forward to the new content

  130. Wood85
    • Dibz

      Who said perfection ? What a hips to waist ratio!

      • bootox

        Fake ass, but still good to go! She has some good little videos in this Instagram. She also does cosplay and some stretching/acrobatic stuff for those interested.

  131. Anonymous
  132. TurkishBoy
  133. BlackBrockSamson

    Currently one of my fave amateur chicks. I’ve seen a few clips of her floating around but I still don’t know her name..


  134. Sweet Jeebus

    well shit, i guess this is a community run website now…

    • Pete

      Sad to say but you may be right !!! Appreciate the fellas still posting content on here tho

  135. Anonymous

    Typically I’d never look at something like this but this was worth my time. Anyone have a name for her?


  137. candidquatro

    desperately trying to find her name. look like cammodel
    your help will be much appreciated

  138. Anonymous

    Nalgona Venezolana aqui (video) – https://www.instagram.com/p/BTWYSZPAeb-/

    • Dibz

      Even if it’s a fake body, she is very attractive!

      • bootox

        She’s attractive and managed to grow her thighs well in order to match her ass. Her calves are still thin, tho.

        That’s the main problem about “enhanced” asses. When those girls decide to “go big”, the mismatch in the body becomes quite apparent. Sometimes the shape of the ass just doesn’t feel right, sometimes is just the legs showing the truth about the body. That’s why natural girls like Virgo, Rosee, Luana or Steph K. (just to name some) and even girls like Remy or Kelsie (which are on their way to breeding some fine piece of ass as time passes) should be praised. Girls like this are becoming rarer with each passing day…

      • Senor Blueballs

        ^ True. We’re at the point in time now where “enhanced” is the norm on most of the thick girl sites (and the majority IRL whenever a girl is thin with a big booty). As far as Maria C. Villalba is concerned, the extra effort she made in lifting weights to make her legs match that ass is rarer still. It’s confounding how no one calls out the shocking asymmetry of Kim Kardashian’s anorexic legs and the new May 2017 ass she had installed! https://cdn.expansion.mx/dims4/default/b72d0bc/2147483647/crop/1000×1500%2B0%2B0/resize/850×850%3E/quality/75/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fcdn.expansion.mx%2Fa5%2Fe6%2Fa800575b439b9edc98ad8abcee00%2Fkim0.jpg

    • fire reaper

      C@ndy N1c0le


        You’re the real MVP

  140. mrfrantic
  141. yo man

    can we get to 1000 comments?

    • Princeton


  142. tallwomenfav3

    Now some big booty girls in a brazillian show:


  143. BlackBrockSamson
    • 1_love

      That’s Monica Mazzaratie. Fucking love that bitch.

  144. Anonymous
  145. lolman
  146. Batousai
    • ...

      Bella Rossi

  147. Digao

    This lady in the right is probably the most hot girl i’ll ever see. Awesome waist hips ratio and hot face. OMG.



    Regiane Gagliardi


    • RasTrent

      That’s Harley Jade

      This video also confirms that Mike Adriano is fucking mentally ill. Enemas, Mike? A champagne glass to catch it? Seek help, sir

      • Zorken

        Indeed, my friend. I give credit to Mike Adriano for always picking the best big asses out there and present them beautifully before the action starts. I also find it exemplar the way he facefucks them… but the dude just gotta ruin it by doing these sick disgusting stuff like anal gapes and enemas, and gay shit like swallowing his own jizz from the models and even getting his ass licked and other stupid shit….
        dude is a fucking sicko… I honestly can’t understand how he gets so many actresses to agree to go through all of that shit… oh, the things these bitches will do for money..

        • Anonymous

          “oh, the things these bitches will do for money..” Tip of the iceberg for sure. Instagram models taking working vacations in the UAE is common knowledge by now, But the depths of inhumanity they are subjected to isn’t discussed much at all. If it was, none of us would want our dicks near any of these IG girls, no matter how thick the ass is.

          • Zorken

            Word, mate.

  148. Jethro Toll
    • fapNnap

      m@rt@ l@ cr0ft

      • Jethro Toll

        danke schoen

  149. poohbia
    • DaBooty Man

      This chick appeared in the XXX Pawn videos

      • poohbia


  150. Death


    Best asian ass on the planet.
    Thank me later

  151. Jay

    7 in the face but definitly a 10 in the ass!


    • Hobi

      Damn, can we get more of her??

      • Jay

        She has a premium snapchat

  152. Big D


    Massive but I’m interested

  153. David
    • BlackBrockSamson

      Blondie Fesser

  154. BlackBrockSamson

    Hola Bubbles.. I used to love this chick before she went ghost


  155. pfunk_us

    God Damm it, that shape and angle is just right.


  156. BlackBrockSamson

    Ass for days on this one.. best mystery ass I’ve seen in a while. Someone please help. WE NEED A NAME!!


    • Yabajaba

      Calm down, it’s random girl filmed by her dude #2350358. There won’t be a name.

      • BlackBrockSamson

        Thanks captain obvious. You coulda kept that one. Internet thugs is exactly what this site needs during these trying times

  157. jonjohnson

    Who is this? It was on the previous compilation I would be very thankful


  158. mrfrantic
    • Snypre

      She goes by Goddess Victoria and sometimes Riley Stewart. She has a clips4sale store.

      • mrfrantic


  159. BlackBrockSamson

    I’m pretty sure this one is old too but still great. Brazilian chick named Julyanna. Anyone have more from her?


    • Udder Appreciation


  160. T

    This might be old to some but was new to me so thought I’d share. http://www.xvideos.com/video2897300/thickmodelspot_kita_66_preview#_tabComments

  161. Justin Reems

    Does anyone have a Nitroflare prem. account, if you do can you download and upload it spankbang, BigBootyPantyhose Caroline and Emma


    • Snypre

      Fake. The dildo was shopped in. It’s Kelsi Monroe from her PornFidelity scene.

      • bootox

        Yeah. Silly video, but I still love her ass and skills. lol

  162. Jason

    Asian little hoe, she rides that dick YOKOHOMA FLOW. https://www.instagram.com/_lynabaye/ This bitch is thick as fuck!!! OMFG!!!!

    • Udder Appreciation

      Fuckable? Sure.
      Thick? No.
      Nice post though.

    • Contributing

      Oh no. The usage of the term “thick” in this instance is comparable to someone doing the Carlton Dance enthusiastically with zero irony in the club. People are pointing and smiling at the guy and he attributes it to them being impressed. Here is the dilemma: Do you join the crowd and point at the guy along with them at his expense or do you enlighten him fully aware that any attempt to help him may backfire and result in hurt feelings? What do you do?

    • Yabajaba

      Damn, nice find! Only a matter of time before we get a name since they’re obviously on Chaturbate.

      But holy shit, just when the vid is at about 30s….did the dude really say “there’s 6500 people in here”? “We need 90 more people to tip 10 tokens”. Not sure how badly I misheard the first part but they clearly have a fuckton of viewers.

      I’ll just be occasionally checking the couples section on CB. Judging by the title though, it sounds like she’s new? Hopefully not too new, would love to see more of her when we get a name. But if they’re getting good tips off her lol, we can probably expect to see her again soon.

    • Slayer87

      Great to see you back botd. Anybody know who is this girl? Or other vids of her?

    • Anonymous

      Plump, pale female legs is my thing!! Nice hearin from you, man!

  163. themac

    Anyone know her webcam Name or name? she has perfect thickness..


    • BSD

      CARIDE –

      Now THAT was dope. Thanks a lot. Normally I don’t care for the music with these videos, but that was a perfect song to go with her at the beginning of this clip.

      I would love to smash her like I ain’t go no damn sense.


      • cole

        Wow. Those curves, that thickness in every place. Thanks !

        But I can’t help myself but thinking at how a guy could walk behind a girl as far as almost 3 feet, for 14 minutes without her even noticing or turning around.

        I mean come on, we would all notice it if someone was walking behind us for so long.
        I never understood how some of theses guys never get caught.

        I’m guessing they have an arrangement, between the film maker and the girl (maybe an escort or a lady doing some chat).

  164. Anonymous
  165. Horrorshow


    I don’t know if anyone’s posted her yet

    but there’s a new bodour model that’s popped up on the scene like half a year or so ago by the name of Anna Marx who is like 6 ft and curvy as hell

    Figure you’d like her

  166. lolman

    Wtf!!! Guys looks like Rosee Divine just got pregnant by the motherfucker Drake: http://www.ladbible.com/more/celebrity-former-porn-star-claims-to-be-carrying-drakes-baby-20170504

    • fire reaper

      She doesnt look like the type to fabricate anything. though when you have drake type of money, anything is possible.
      She has always been one of my favorites in terms of curvature.

    • Uncle Philbert

      Drake has a dick?

    • poohbia

      Rosee was a pornstar since when?

      Where have I been

      • Anonymous

        The online gossip sites are billing Rosee as a pornstar because she posed nude in those old Bluestar Live clips. Their standard operating procedure is to emphasize minute details for the sake of clickbait. Big picture: the timing of this is real convenient for Drake’s waning career at this point (attendance drastically falling for his concerts, the persistent reports of a relationship of a questionable nature with The Weekend – a male singer). It’s likely Rosee made an effort to procure a condom used by Drake and impregnated herself with its’ payload (there’s a joke in there somewhere). With this current moldy, ranting Cheeto in office and his war on the middle class, gold digging as a means of securing a stable financial future isn’t as stigmatic as it used to be. Rosee won a million dollar lottery and the corporations that finance Drake will gladly pay because he has the potential to generate BILLIONS for them – all dependent on his latest rap “beef.”

      • cole

        She never did porn, but she made nudes videos for Blue star Live. Man those ones were the SHIT !
        Never knew she was going out with Drake. Or that she was into dating famous guys.

        Anyways, I hope her the best in this.

      • bootox

        I was going to ask the same thing! Oh crap! There goes one of my favorite asses…

        Don’t ruin that body, girl!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Tiffany Preston <3

  167. cole

    Hi to all !
    Anyone has anything new about that girl : V@siliki_VVS ?
    She did some softcore ass shaking a few years ago.
    She has a twitter, but she’s not posting much. Is she on Instagram ?

    I suggest you all check her out, she has a great ass, and a great body (she’s greek, or half greek).

  168. Jason
  169. Plaut
    • Anonymous

      Gad zooks! Excellent find! Thank you so much!

    • poohbia

      Nice find, cant believe that chick is only 20

  170. Natedrake

    I just found this amazing video from Anj@ dee, let me tell you guys, it’s just glorious!!….

    On a second note, does she has a connecpal account or something?? Because, I don’t recognitize the first video here, so it must be something slightly recent apparently. Either that or…. She just makes custom made videos by demand. I do remember the second part of the video here, that was several months ago, but I’ve never saw the first one


    • Senor Blueballs

      Does anyone out there know how to decompress this videos screen proportions? Whoever uploaded the video got the images stretched out wide so drastically, Anja has the proportions of a midget. ……………………I can’t fap to no midget.

    • poohbia

      I never seen the first part before but I’ve seen the second before in the comments on here months ago

      In the first part she reminds me of the late Ava Rose

      • Natedrake

        That’s what I’m saying. That’s gotta be new. But…. From where?? Maybe someone paid for those videos and now he or she is just… Posting them randomly??… I wish I knew the source of this or where can I get other newest videos

    • cole

      Thanks mate !

  171. bootox

    Hey folks, any info on these?


    http://coub.com/view/86dj0 (I know, boobs. But they’re beautiful!)


  172. BootyBanditSDB
    • AssManiac

      Holy fuck

    • Captain


      • Random

        My savior. Thanks a bunch!

  173. themac

    QUICK UPDATE on this REDDIT PAWG Perfection

    Last Year BOTD POsted her REDDIT page link BELOW here


    She’s now starting to do Live webcam shows this year on Chaturbate make sure to check her out
    and FOLLOW her on TWITTER , link BElOW !! she post when shes online live check her out
    just Trying to keep BOTD Legacy Alive to all the BOTD Family,,,


  174. Zorken

    Let us not let the flame extinguish, my fellow booty lovers.

    Brand new Rose Monroe scene from Assparade: https://www.bitporno.com/?v=FF5XWQQNST

    And another one from Mandy Muse: https://www.bitporno.com/?v=FF3WE6MKII

    May BOTD’s light shine through all of us.

    • MirSir

      Cloe Diaz

    • Dante

      Big Booty Nayara

  175. AlFranklin

    Mute the sound, the music garbage, but the asses are phat.


  176. BOTD Fan since Day 1!! it is like my bible

    Hey! First time I am posting.
    I am really in love with this page, I visit it every single day. I am lucky that every day, even now somebody is posting some links.

    Please dear admin, you have been the lord for all of us. Don’t quit! Here are so many that would love to be an admin or something… if you really don’t wanna do it then chose someone that helps you out.

    I think “file reaper” or something is his name. He is always posting very good stuff in the comments. I bet this guy would like to post stuff!

    • fire reaper

      Thanks for the name mention. I just like to share what I see. Admin is a big responsibility and due to the nature of my job. wont have time to be on here for a long duration. I post and disappear.

      BOTD we love your site, so whatever you are going through. Wish you a speedy recovery.

  177. Richard

    What happened to BOTD?

    Would’ve thought he would’ve provided an update… even if he planned on taking more time off. Guess it’s dead blog now.

    • botd

      Don’t know what to tell you.

      • Richard


  178. Ya boi skinny penis

    Had to share this one, what a work of art. Thank you me Latino people.



    If Donald Trump wants to build a wall to keep these Latinas out, he gay.

    • Lando

      The 2nd link is DaB0otyXx you can find her on MFC

    • BlackBrockSamson

      The first one is @violet_whodat on IG. I’m not all the way sure if its the same chick in the 2nd one

    • 1_love

      What’s her name? She looks amazing.

  179. Ya Boi Dimitri
  180. 1_love

    Can someone PLZ ID this woman for me….


    Can’t get enough of that ass.

    • bootox

      If you want her name it’s Ana Margarida Alves. On this gigantic list of comments, she was listed more than 2 times already.

      It’s an outstanding girl with an amazing ass. She deserves a post of her own on this website. My kingdom (?!) for any new video with this beauty!

      • Anonymous

        @bootox: There’s 1 particular comment thread on Reddit where they discussed Margarida’s (translated) reactions to all the attention she received because of the YT vids and requests she received for IG. She singled out guys commenting in English specifically. Apparently people got vile with it. I got hope that there will be new bikini vids from her someday but realistically, Garth, Chip & Skip creeping her out done fucked it up for the rest of us. SMFH.

        • bootox

          That’s sad and a shameful. Those guys don’t even think on the approach they’re using. Trying to “hit the spot” with a girl that does not even live in the same place (country?) as them. Hopefully, she won’t close herself to the internet and maybe we’ll see more of her.

        • bootox

          Her instagram was already listed here, but this collection is cool though. Thanks, bro.

  181. 1_love


    How can she be so cute with such a delicious booty like that?

    • Nate

      She’s a cam model on myfreecams (she goes by geniva or genni or something, I’m not sure). She’s really pretty, has an insane body, and an awesome personality.

      She’s a perfect woman in my opinion.

  182. Q

    Sandra Latina

    • Q

      Sandra Latina

  183. RasTrent


    Was skeptical of this scene because of the unnecessary image photoshopping on BB’s preview page, but this is a legit video.

    Ass ain’t gigantic, but it’s nice and round. Natural pawg + tan lines = my fucking kryptonite.

  184. Emil

    can someone provide V0DG!l$.Tv videos?

  185. BootyBanditSDB
  186. Anonymous

    http://imgur.com/a/aZST3 IG: Them1m1mess1na
    Replace the 1’s with I’s

  187. TomBrady4Rings

    This Japanese chick has the best proportions ive ever seen on an asian girl, even better than shiori tsukada.


    Scroll down the comments on the link and you’ll see someone who has a link to flashx.tv

    You cant watch the full vid on there.

    • fire reaper

      good find

    • Anonymous

      Thank you! This is a nice change from the 5 minute vids usually linked here.

  188. BobLike

    Virgo Peridot Huge ass got me like Damn!!!!

  189. JOSH
  190. Jethro Toll

    A lil chunky Kelly Divine fur ya freaks out deh

  191. Moon Doggy

    She tried to disguise herself but we found her out


    • emil

      sarah macdonald?

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for the link. I appreciate you sharing! In the future please consider encoding any names to videos or other content because producers of this material take down these links with a quickness these days!
      * “Encoding” – Replacing the alphabet in names or titles with numbers or other symbols from your keyboard.

    • BootyFiend

      DAMN that was a good find

    • Dirk Diggler

      YOU MY GOOD MAN ARE INCREDIBLE!!!!! Thank you!!

  192. Natedrake

    Guys, I beg of you!… Who is this pawg??…
    Tittle only says: ASHLEY. But Ashley what??
    That doesn’t help much. I need the full name =(

  193. Theteppesoftheland

    It’s always a pleasure to remember the goddess Taj mendes

  194. President

    Well, I’ll not post again here links with booty. The admin I don’t know if take enough or small amount of money from advertisements but at least he could make some work and not only waiting from us to do the job.