Big Booty Links – Part 13

Hey everybody. It’s hard for me to keep this site up nowadays because of the cost. So I started a Patreon at and set a $100 monthly goal to pay for this site’s hosting fees.

It’s not much. It only takes 10 people contributing $10 each, or 20 of you contributing $5 each.

So if you’d like to see this site keep going, please consider helping by signing up as a Patron and donating. Thanks.

111 Responses to Big Booty Links – Part 13

  1. chingonbydefault
  2. Bootyologist

    Is anyone else surprised just how many dudes still get excited about obviously photoshopped images. many of the women are skinny assed but do a photoshopbutt fix.
    Hint: be weary of the ones who don’t have any videos to prove thats their body

    • Ahmet

      BTW, Net neutrality died today. Sometime during the incoming New Year we can look forward to VPN’s that no longer work, saying goodbye to smooth video streaming, hello to video buffering, laggy video game experiences and things we haven’t even conceived of yet that will make the current state of the internet with all its’ flaws look superior in comparison to whatever we’ll end up with.

      Get ready for lots and lots of new expenses the ISP’s are going to rain down on you. And if you happen to be in a country other then the U.S., only time will tell if your ISP’s will reject the prospect of making more money from you.

      But oh yeah, that photoshop – GRRRR.

  3. Slayer87

    Has anyone seen the full video of Paige Porcelain and her fuck machine?

    • BlackBrockSamson

      1 Anna a$$ch33ks

      3 and 4 is st3phk3g3ls

      The others I don’t know

    • Chris

      Holy shit! Do you know who the brunette in the first video is? This is GOLD

      • BasedHam

        Ch103 D1az my dude, her body is insane

  4. GotBootyOnMyMind

    Big Plump Juicy Booty on Bed Jiggly!

    (If you know who this is please let me know)

    • BlackBrockSamson

      S3xyr3d_mag1cc1ty on IG

  5. botd

    Besides /r/thick … there’s also /r/thicker

  6. botd

    Thanks R.A.J.

  7. booty_sweat_lover

    Just some BBW on Tumblr to pass the time

    • lolman

      Sweet jesus! Who is the first girl?

    • BasedHam

      Taking a guess here

      1. Colorsofautmnn (might have spelled that wrong)
      2. Not sure who this is
      3.Trapunzel (Maybe, and might have spelled that wrong)

    • Gem

      1st one is pr1nc3ss p4wg aka Color of autumn94
      3rd one is tr4pr4pun3l

  8. Anonymous
    • poohbia

      She’s taking dick now?

      Lucky dude

  9. poohbia
    • Anonymous

      I linked her here a year or 2 ago. She’s either a dancer for a rapper out of Las Vegas or a house dancer for a nightclub in Viet Nam. Hope that narrows it down for you.

  10. bootyondabrain
  11. Boomer

    If anyone can i.d the chick in this it would be fapolous! Lmao… and what scene?

    • Bootybemykryptonite

      Now that I think of it, I think its angell summers…..holla if you find the scene

      • Boomer

        Don’t think it’s angell summers tho…. if anyone can find out tho it would be a great help!

    • Bootybemykryptonite

      God damn dawg, that mf juicy af!

    • KingJames

      I’m also curious. Is a scene from Buttman’s Stretch Class series for sure. But didn’t recognize the girl. Thought it was Madison Rose but she didn’t shoot for that serie. But holy shit that ass is juicy as fuck….

  12. pfunk_us
    • poohbia

      Reminds me of a pawg version of rachel bloom, nice

  13. poohbia
    • Anonymous

      Great find.


    • Zorken

      I really liked this chick.. thanks!!

  14. lord

    dude. just let someone takeover the site, kill the legacy, OR be a smartassmotherfucker and accept like a real o.g. goddamn monero (xmr).


    two gods


  15. Gem
    • Bootybemykryptonite

      Damn right, wouldnt change a mf thing!

    • Dibz

      Very sexy!

  16. ASsSSss

    Anyone know who the fuck this amazing girl is?

    • cole

      I think she’s A5hl3y a18an.

  17. Stranger
  18. GotBootyOnMyMind

    Perfect Bubble Butt Booty Bouncing On The Dick! … Good Laawwdd!!

  19. Chris

    It’s seems that porn has come to an end.. You might think i’m nuts by saying this but only 1% of today’s pornstars are acctually hot. Anorexic hoes with big tits is what gay men have brainwashed society with the past decades. Now it’s the new strong and skinny with butt implants. Christ. Bangbros did almost make it right a decade ago. Only problem was the video quality back then and the camera angles. Shooting with a shaky cam (that resembles an earthquake) in the other end of the room, smoking weed and telling jokes.. Trying getting their old vids in full HD is almost impossible, they all look like VHS.

    • AlFranklin

      Damn. Easily one of the best I’ve seen shared here in quite some time.

    • Chris

      This one has potensial, if she eats a couple packets of butter then we’re in business

  20. vida

    I am a patron now. Plz start putting effort into this website. After a couple of months if i don’t see improvement I will stop. You might as well shut it down if you won’t work on it anymore.

  21. booty_lover

    Anyone know who this is ?

    • Trevasotilo

      reddit user

    • Buttmuncher

      It looks like u/beayork from reddit

  22. ASsSSss

    Guys I NEEEED to fucking know who this is.
    She is unreal.

  23. botd

    Nishimura Nina and Mitoma Umi…

  24. botd

    Thanks WA.

  25. BlackBrockSamson

    @BOTD bro you stopped posting content in the form of posts and this site is still jumpin! You’re like the Zuckerberg of ass blogs. You built a site that has a serious cult following and the users provide the content now. I’m almost wondering if you even realize what you have. Would you consider selling or partnering up with an investor?

  26. poohbia

    I wouldn’t mind contributing if there was a future with this site

  27. Marko

    This site had its run… but like everything in life. Things change & life goes on. I used to come here daily back in 2012-2015. And I truly appreciate all the content you provided us. I wouldn’t really mind contributing only if you were going to provide content again otherwise what would be the point?

    But anyways, thanks for everything whatever happens your site will always be remembered.

  28. Horse

    yall need to stop talking so mutch en start dropping those links !

  29. GotBootyOnMyMind
  30. Zorken

    Yo, BOTD, it’s your homeboy Zorken here… I can’t remember how much stuff I downloaded from this blog, so out of the mad respect that I have for you and your work, I became a 5 dollar patreon. I will remain so for some time, as a gesture of gratitude for all you have done. It’s the moral thing to do, given all the times I came here to see the new booty being posted and have some moments of joy on a shitty day full of failures. So thank you for everything.

    I really wished you came back to regularly posting stuff, but I understand times are tough, you need to sort things out and there aren’t that much booties that make us drool like there was in the past.

    It’s really fun to come here and find a haven of thick girls, as opposed to all the skinny bitches mainstream media throw at us. We really have the same taste on women, I compliment you on that..

    By the way, where do you get your Mal content that you accasionally posted in the previous comments section? Thanks in advance.

    • botd

      Thanks bro. I appreciate it.

      I guess I’ll have to try to post something soon out of guilt haha. I just don’t see much that’s post-worthy nowadays. Not sure if I got pickier, or porn got shittier, or both. But I’ll see.

      I got MM’s stuff from the MM subreddit, which is just /r/her-full-name. Don’t wanna post it cause of reasons. But if you can’t find it, email me and I’ll send you the link.

      • Zorken

        ahaha take your time, man..

        As for MM, thanks!! I can find that using my google-fu techniques!

  31. john bender

    I’ve been a regular visitor to this site and while I would like to see more content submitted as OP (like in the past), I also have found some quality content submitted in the comments.

    True, 1,000 comment posts are super difficult to navigate and lag is a problem. So I think the answer lies in the middle. I don’t mind throwing a couple bucks to keep the lights on, but I would like to see more activity on the administrative side whether that means BOTD only or adding admins or trusted contributors.

  32. botd

    Thanks YH.

  33. me

    has anyone got elke the stallion’s connectpal content ?

  34. Simone

    Donate for what ? You’re posting no content since 1 year

    • botd

      Because the site that you’ve been coming to for a year costs money to run.

      • Botd#3 fan

        I will donate but will there be new content brother

        • botd

          I don’t know man, I hardly see anything good to post anymore. If I do, I’ll either put a link or make a post. I’m still trying to figure things out.

  35. Boobhead

    Those GB/hr cost and that ain’t no bullshit. Plus I miss my asians so I’m helping santa and so should you.

    Merry christmass:

  36. TheCoalition

    You got my donation on my birthday (8th) What’s funny is how none of the peeps from the last thread is on this one..

  37. Kt

    It cost on average 10-15$ MONTHLY to host a website. The biggest cost is actually creating it.

    • botd

      I guess the site you made didn’t get much visitors, cause if it did, you’d know it would cost a lot more than that. So why doesn’t everybody just get the $5 plan right? Why would they even have different plans?

      I have the $80 plan based on the traffic the site gets. In fact, I used to have to pay $225 a month for a dedicated server.

      Maybe an extreme example will help you understand. Do you really think on a shared server would cost the same to host as on thousands of servers?

  38. John

    You guys are idiots. If you’re too broke to donate don’t donate. He’s practically asking for peanuts.

    • Kt

      Fine give him what he’s asking for then

  39. Kt

    It costs 10 -15$ TOPS to host a website……….

    • golumen

      Dayem botd. U can say that u wanna some donates. Without any twinge. And I see Kt doesn’t understand that to keep working site takes time omg. Good idea, anyway. A lot people watch u I think lol. I watch ur blog 4-5 years. Sorry if language is terrible Im from Russia.

    • botd

      Do you really think every website only costs $15 to host?

      • Trevasotilo

        This seems like a cash in attempt on the fans of this website, because people will surely donate, and I would have too if this site still provided content, but since the community provides content for itself now, I see no point…

        botd you either have to get in private talks for admins and other people that will post quality content on this site, maybe redisign the site a bit etc…

        otherwise this looks like a bad blog right now where people post 2k+ comments of content which is hard to navigate and its low in quality most of the time…

        I mean people can go to anon ib /ass section and have 10x better experience and content than here…

        This needs to change… this site is dead and you know it, there is no point in hosting or asking for money for a dead site if you don’t want to revive it.

        • Anonymous

          Agreed with you up to a point. Anon-ib isn’t what it once was.
          Too many enhanced women, mediocre cam girls, and skinny-pancake-ass Instagram thots that think they’re actual celebs. Then there’s the comments. Hoarders fighting over scraps, rampant tangents that have nothing to do with the topic, and keyboard nazis forcing their stormfront talking points at every opportunity.
          If you’re going to compare another site to this blog, I would hope it was something better. As far as this place goes, I hope BOTD (the Admin) limits postings to the handful of names that have been contributing since 2014 (I’m not one of them). IMO, that could only help.

        • botd

          You got me. This is all part of an elaborate scheme to cash in on a whole 100 dollars so I can skip the country, fly to the Bahamas and live like a king.

          The fact that you’re here making this comment means the site isn’t dead to you, otherwise, why are you even here? It doesn’t matter to me whether the site is dead or not. All I’m trying to do is figure out whether it’s worth it to keep the site up as just a place to share links, or not.

          Instead of shutting down the site just like that, I’m leaving it up to everybody here to decide its fate. Like I said, it doesn’t matter to me either way, but I can’t keep paying for this with money that I don’t even have.

          • Trevasotilo

            Why not post a public post like the one you did asking for donations – but instead asking for administrators/content providers for the better future of this site, people who will continue building upon the standards this site has established…

            The site is dead, and because I was a big fan of this site, thats why I am still here, hoping that somehow it will raise up to its former glory… and there is no way to accomplish that with 2000 comments lag posts, people become estranged, changes are necessary.. its time to move on

            Why do you avoid this topic i have no idea, there have been through the years a couple of people that I have noticed post high quality content and give sources, and I don’t see those people around anymore… quality goes down each passing week…

          • botd

            I tried asking before, in a comment, whether anybody wanted to be a contributor and make posts, but nobody stepped up. I can try asking again in a new post, or add it to the caption of this post, but how would that fix the problem of not having the money to keep the site up?

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