5 Responses to Thick and Juicy Model – Part 2

  1. Putalover

    I have nude videos of Riss that I can share with everyone

    • BootyBay

      you got a mega link for them videos?

  2. Anonymous

    Propers for posting Riss. Her runway walk clips are a time-travel device! One moment you’re taking notes of what’s jiggling in slo-mo, all of a sudden the sun’s in a different position in the sky.

    You’ve been posting quality dimes in your tiktok themed posts consistently though, (many of them have shown up here only once) !


    Parting thought: What is your take on “stabilized diffusion” (A.I.- Generated porn). The quality is approaching photo-realism. It isn’t there yet, but damn, it’s close. If you had the notion to watch Riss in a hardcore boy-girl scene, it could be done.

    • botd

      True, I was thinking it’s gonna replace real models, porn stars, and OnlyFans girls soon, since you’ll be able to generate any type of girl you want, with any physical features you want, doing anything you want, yeah real girls or imagined. Then I thought, maybe people won’t be into it if they know it’s not real, but I guess as long as they don’t mention it in the title.

  3. Suresh

    Thick and lovely

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