6 Responses to Thick Facebook Chick

  1. AssGifsGirls

    Kim Kardashian ???? lol ha ha ha

  2. The Man

    Damn, she is thick ass hell. Love that body

  3. mm

    Daaaamn, she’s gorgeous !
    Just my type of girl, and I don’t know why, but when I saw first image I thought “She looks british” 😀

    • BootyBreaker

      You’re right, i noticed the picture of her in the bar dancing and you can see the sign behind her detailing prices in pounds. And the fact that she reminds me of Paige Turnah: http://bigassgifs.com/assets/phat-ass-paige-turnah.gif

      I would pay good money to see a monster dong turn her out; it’s the only way to do that ass justice. Who’s with me?

  4. ill phil

    Liars!! Haha we need her name!!! She’s sexy as fuck

  5. iceman8069

    Yea, she’s fine as hell & such a nice thick body…I’d have fun with her!

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