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If You’re Checking For New Posts…

Don’t know if anybody’s hooked on our posts and fiending for the next one. Probably not, but I’ll just pretend that maybe some people are and give you the reason for no updates. I needed to reboot my brain this weekend because it was getting backed up and slow. Without getting into too much detail, the process requires one more day of recuperation. If none of this makes sense, don’t worry about it. Only a few veterans know what I’m talking about. The important thing is, we’ll be back tomorrow fully refreshed with hits that are more potent and crazier than before, that’ll have you fapping fiercer than ever.

Speaking of refresh, one more thing. We usually update every day. But sometimes some people don’t see anything new for like a week. This is because the site caches/saves pages since it’s a lot faster showing you a cached page rather than pulling everything in from the server again and again every time you visit. I don’t think this is a problem for people that registered to comment, because in that case, it knows you’re a regular user, so it’ll always show you the new fresh shit. If none of this makes sense either, no big deal. Just remember that if you don’t see any new booty in a week, hit refresh/reload, or register to comment. Reminder: If you didn’t register to comment because you’re scared to use your real email, you can just make one up and use it to sign in. The only reason I can think of to use your real one, is so that you can get notified by email when somebody directly replies to a comment you made.

Oh speaking of reload, one last thing, cause I just pictured somebody doing this. But if you really are a booty fiend, there’s nothing wrong with that and you’re extra-special in my book, but don’t get reload-happy. Don’t keep hitting reload hoping that a new booty post will pop out, because it won’t, and you might break the internets.