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Jaye Rose Curvy Cosplay


I don’t know but is Jaye Rose a BBW now? She looks extra juicy/healthy here.

Definitely not complaining, but what do you guys think?

  1. Too thick
  2. Not thick enough
  3. Just right
  4. Good laaaaawwwwwd

I choose D. In other words, Jesus Christ that body looks so feminine.

One more thing. I think I already gave you guys this awesome advice before, but last time we used Janey Buckingham as an example. This time we’ll use Jaye Rose…

Anyway, unfortunately we all probably have one or two of those types of friends that still doesn’t know the difference between thick and fat, no matter how many times we try to school them. So if you have a slow friend like that, just show them Jaye Rose, and then break it down. If they still don’t understand, you need some new friends.