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Big Booty Tubes and Links 6

Since people are sending me links and submissions, post them in the comments below to share with the rest of us, cause I don’t have time to post right now.

Links to porn tube videos, Instagram girls, Youtube videos or whatever, but no personal blogs.

(Adding another line here to fix some spacing issues. Please disregard.)

Big Booty Tubes 5

Share some links of big butts and thick girls with the rest of us.

Also, finally finished the Very Big Ass Gifs page, aka BOTD Theater. Fixed some bugs, removed most repeats, made it work on mobile, and added like 200 more gifs. But let me know if you find any that are too stretched, too low res, or just plain wack, so I can remove them.

You can get to it by clicking here … Very Big Ass Gifs … or hover over the little arrow where it says Big Ass Gifs on the top … or click the hamburger icon on mobile.

All gifs on that page by BOTD. Need to mention that not to brag, but to make it known that I’m not a gif jacker, and all those gifs took like 4 years to make.

And wanted to segway into this next point. But you must must MUST click the donate button and give what you can. Seriously. Otherwise you’ll wake up one morning, come to this site for your morning fap, and it’ll say Page Not Found.

All I know is that I would donate if it was me. And there’s no way I could be the only moral righteous person on the whole internet. Cmon, I wanna see some of you up in heaven later on, chillin with me and Jesus, bangin some righteous chicks.

I don’t want you to wake up someday like “Damn who turned off the AC.” And then Satan be like “Mmmwahahahaaa. Welcome to my place. You should’ve helped BOTD.”

Anyway, post some links in the comments. I’ll start it off…

EDIT: Guys, thanks for the donations, but no need to donate anymore, cause my Paypal account was frozen. I guess I violated their service agreement. They don’t allow porn sites.