Big Booty Tubes 3

tldr: Post your favorite video links in the comments.

So since Vine and Instagram don’t allow porn or NSFW videos anymore, I was thinking why not make a Vine for porn so all the hot babes can upload 6 second video loops of some naked sexy stuff. Call it Quickies or some sh*t. I dunno.

Then I remembered there’s no money in porn. So I was like, hmmm, why not just make it and then sell it to one of the Big Dog Porn Companies *pinky on mouth* for one…biiilllion dollars. Mwwwahhaaha. Nah, aint nobody got time for that.

Anyway no posts this weekend so let’s share some links.

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  1. A Friend

    BOTD, how do you feel about Bobbi Starr?

    • botd

      She’s good, but personally I prefer plumper asses. I’m sure a lot of people will like her tho so thanks for contributing.

      • A Friend

        Ohh, no prob, thanks for the reply. I have been a fan of this blog for a while now. I prefer plumper asses as well, butt her blowjob skills (she’s like a human vacuum cleaner). Here is a pretty good plump one for you…

  2. HighStar



  3. mee(a)t

    Does anyone know this girl’s name? Sorry if it’s in mobile mode

  4. twfav4 << look at these thighs and ass. superb.

  5. Queefsniffer

    warning– slim chick>>>
    kinda slim too >>>
    does anyone have names for either?

  6. jWILL253

    A girl named “Nicky Nicole” playing with herself at work. Not only is she fucking beautiful & sexy, but also she clearly gives zero fucks, lol.

  7. Chaos
  8. BigSwole
  9. BigSwole

    Been waiting all week for this thread! Welcome to Candy Land, haha! Here are a few I tend to be particularly fond and who I don’t often see other folks often knowin bout. And if you can’t tell, IG is a booty meat gold mine.

    Now Roger that!

    Yo B!

    MrszSoopedUp skinny as shit but her twerk flow is so untouchable that you’ll have to come back for mas:

    Noooo, she wasn’t ready!

    Top MILF. You have to scroll down pretty far (load more) a ton of times to get to the good pics of her booty meat but its well worth it. She’s a hidden gem. Her junk is SWOLLEN for her size but looks like she’s been hitting the gym too much lately and its sadly decreasing. I hate when ladies do that:

    I posted her link the other day, but in case you missed it!

    This white gurl turns into a problem right about 35 second mark!

    don’t sleep on the Israeli whooties:

    Thug Passion chunky buns:

    Gotta load more a bunch of times for the good pics of that duhduhduhdunt:

    Slight werk:

    And last but not least, for the ratchets:

    • C.A.

      MrszSoopedUp’s nice indeed

  10. Fam
    • Bigswole

      Luv me some Caramel Candy.

      Do it for the …? Lol

      Once ran into her in Brooklyn at a party and tried to holler!!!! Lol she bad.

      • Brent

        She got 15 years in prison for twerking on Mlk’s grave

        • Kane

          lol naw man that was a myth. she’s still making vids on utube

          • Brent


          • BigSwole

            did she not twerk on his grave at all, or just not get locked up for it? either way its both hilarious and disrespectful at the same time, lol.

            i think that joint is bi-polar how she be talkin in her vid, lol, comedy.

  11. Brent

    Yoooo check out this retro pawg pornstar!

    • Fam

      This shit look like it came straight off a VHS

    • BSD

      Friends –

      The gorgeous Krysti Lynn has been dead almost 20 years. Got killed in a car crash in 1995. She was John Stagliano’s (founder of Evil Angel) girlfriend and the original inspiration for his Buttwoman. She was “big booty” before the big booty genre blew up in porn. She didn’t live to see it.


      • Brent

        Yes its very sad, i wish Botd would post some of her, seeing big booty retro porn stars are extremely rare.

  12. jay

    She’s a thick colombian prostitue. She has an ass just like these new colombian pornstars on assparade from bangros

    • botd

      Man when girls get that much surgery, I can never be totally sure whether they’re girls or trannies … till I at least see a few videos and maybe hear the voice. Even after that I still have doubts.

      But don’t mind me, I have this weird paranoia that makes me think that a lot of the girls in the industry might not really be girls. Hopefully I’m wrong.

      • dayum

        true she does look like a tranny.. but wtv lol

  13. Cuss

    MOST AMAZING White Booty MYSTERY WebcamGIRL!!! Lets find her name..

    • botd

      My bad for forgetting to reply to you before. I don’t know her name, but I wonder who’s better at giving IDs. The commenters here, or the ones on xhamster.

      Not sure if I mentioned before, but if anybody needs an ID for the name of a girl they don’t know, feel free to post a link.

      • Cuss

        YEah my Bad BOTD, YEah if anyone here has some more vids of her, or the Link to her page leave a link. and thanks C.A yeah i seen this chick i was like omg ASS is AMAzing and mouth watering…but the name im getting close to finding her but no cigar yet,, ill let u know if i do,,still hopefully someone in the BOTD FAmily comes up with her real webcam name or site link,,

    • Udder Appreciation

      good find bro

    • DatHawkk

      Dam,,i was going to to say it was Virgo peridot but it’s not… this booty look better, im sure this girl is in MYfreecams or i never seen her on NAked .com or Livecams,, Try looking for her there,, but I agree WE MUST FIND HER NAME!!!

    • Bosni

      The first one is fucking fantastic.

  14. botd

    A couple of new Naho movies…

    In the first movie, check out the scene at exactly 108:10 … the part where they’re rubbing their penises all over her breasteses. And then try to tell me she doesn’t look hot as hell from that angle. I don’t know, I think I got a thing for thick asian frontals. Probably because they’re not supposed to look like that.

  15. botd

    If you like Lina Santos, or even if you don’t, here’s another old school curvy Mexican actress named Rossy Mendoza.

    It’s hard to find the good scenes, so here’s one with both those chicks together…

  16. botd

    Here’s a Youtube search results page for Lina Santos. She was a crazy curvy Mexican actress on a few old Mexican sex comedies.

  17. botd

    Am I the only one around here that would like totally bang this Dutch milf broad?

    I’m probably in the minority, but I’m sure there’s a couple other people that like that kinda thickness.

    • Ham sandwich

      Nope I’m totally on board with that. I’ve seen this video B4…

      I dunno why I love those big floppies..

      I’m thinkin if we saw her in real life tho, we’d prob b thinkin the opposite.

      • botd

        Why, you think she’ll look bad in person? Depends on what she’s wearing I guess. A short thin sexy sun dress goes a long way.

        • Ham sandwhich

          Her body is crazy I’ll agree with u all the way its just her face ain’t all there for me. Different strokes for different folks I guess. Still wouldn’t hesitate to tear it up tho.

    • Frenchy

      Would totally bang here. Multiple times.
      I have seen her before, dont know how many times I wank watching her.
      I think she got a bukkake sorta like video, if i find it, i’ll post it.

    • botd

      Cool, well what about this one guys. I mean her face is kinda beat up, but the way her body looks at 16 seconds in just does it for me.

      Guys you still with me? Guys? Dammit I think I lost them. Okay no more thick milfs.

      • Spungn

        I’m all about the thick milfs!!!!! More!!!! More!!! More!!!!

        • botd

          I knew you’d be down. Maybe Pete and maybe BSD and maybe Squidhunter too. But I could be wrong.

          • BSD

            BOTD –

            Dawg, I don’t know why you keep putting these qualifiers on these women. “Maybe ‘m the only one who likes this…, etc.”

            Dude, I would KILL both of these women, especially (the second one in the shower), and ALL women like them. Yeah they got Plain Jane faces, but I don’t care, I like that thick mature milf vibe. With bodies that may have a “flaw” or two. Long as they are curvy and shapely, I don’t care if they ain’t perfect. I love ’em, you love ’em, quit apologiziin’ for that. We ain’t tryin’ to impress nobody here. A man likes what he likes, fuck everything else.

            I wanna fuck this French Sophia woman more than anyone else in porn right now, and I don’t care who knows it.


            Lord knows there’s enough places and sites that put down these women and the guys that like them.


    • John

      I would work her like a full time job with overtime and holiday pay!!!

    • dayum

      dude i think i can cum just by listening to those sounds!!!

  18. gphi
  19. botd
    • ks4714

      Damn!!! That Carmen has it ALL!!! Tig ole bitties and an azz to DIE FOR!!! BUMP BUMP a THOUSAND TIMES BUMP!!!

  20. Bootyman96

    Favorite time of the month. two awesome chicks hope everyone enjoys.

  21. botd

    This is probably one of the very few thin girls I wouldn’t kick out of bed (make sure SafeSearch is set to Off)…

    Don’t know if I’d be able to get it up tho, cause it only responds to huge asses. But I’ll try.

    • marco

      hi, why not add an add on to like the comments as the one of facebook yahoo or wshh? so that we can go to the essential and see the most pertinent link people can give. too much comments on this we can’t go on all links. dunno if its possible just asking. cheers 🙂

      • botd

        You’re right, I can try to use Disqus because it has comment voting. The last time I tried to install it, it broke the comments, so I have to figure it out when I have time.

    • DG

      im glad youre using bing instead of google

      • botd

        Haha. Why, do you work for Microsoft?

        Nah but yeah, Bing is probably better to look up videos of porn stars cause of the way it shows the results. Even with little previews and stuff with audio when you hover over them.

        For everything else, Google is still better though.

      • Susain

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