Big Ass List of Video Links – Part 2

Some more video links featuring thick girls and big booties.

Which one do you like best?

See also…

5 Responses to Big Ass List of Video Links – Part 2

  1. the squidhunter

    LexXxi Lockhart – I <3 this Chick!

    2 Bad I can't turn her into a house wife …

  2. Dab

    The Rican mega booty is my fav. Damn what a big ass.

  3. redshadow

    you asking to say what’s better thick girls or big booty girls…that’s like asking do i prefer a million dollars in 100’s or 20’s lol. you put up some great videos, pics, and gifs i can’t choose. i know one thing is i love the video of Jessica minxx you put up lol. just know i check this site at least 7 times a day and it would be awesome if you made an app for the droid of this.

    • botd

      Haha, nah I was trying to say pick one video out of the bunch.

      Yeah I had an Android app, but Google banned it from the Store. Then I figured the mobile site would be enough.

    • MobyDick

      Who is Jessica Minxx a link would be much appreciated! 😀

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