25 Responses to Asian Ass – Part 4

  1. Leo

    Who’s number 4 plz anyone…

  2. Youu

    Love fat asían asses

  3. Dan

    Who’s number 6 pls anyone been searching for her name haven’t found anything

  4. playboyasian

    marvelous!!! please tell me whats the name of that #10 model??

  5. LANC33

    name of 9?

  6. pyrobooby

    This is also why i love asian people yep

  7. Cutty

    Who is the last girl?

    • botd

      Third is Miria Takamine. Last is Reiko Nakamori I think.

  8. Curry

    What is the name for the third girl from the top. Where can I find more of her .

  9. bootysaddictxxx

    Who’s number 3?

  10. Twitch

    4, 6 and 12 please…

  11. Electriwizard

    Number 8. Perfect ass. Nice brown skin. Name anyone?

    • User 1

      #8 is Asian pornstar Katsumi AKA Katsuni. BTW, she’s my favorite photo in this set. I like how she’s in a great position (facing towards me, stomach down, ass and bottom of her feet up) to give a foot job 🙂

  12. LovesBooty

    Who’s number 7?

  13. Bootyman96

    I gotta check out Asian chicks more often. This part 4 set looks great!

  14. blackfrost

    feel like Chinese food tonight

  15. Lelouth

    obligatory sauce plx

    • gerogey


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