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  1. JD

    I believe Mandi May has the same tattoo (lips on ass). You should do a comparison side by side…

  2. Anonymous

    Been too quiet on this blog (the archives are straight fire though). So…. contributing.

    Thin Thick Redhead Image Gallery (flip phone over to decode url) = https://fapello.com/ǝɹɹǝᴉdʇs-ɐᴉʌᴉʅo/

    Images & Clips = https://bunkr.sk/a/0o8oimqV

    ….RIP tiktok

  3. eren vieger

    3rd video name?

  4. Anon

    RE: @BOTD, In case you’re interested, here’s an update. Alleged TikTok takeover by CIA.

    Excerpt from Feb 10, 2024, “….Since 2020, TikTok has spent more than $1.5 billion moving its data and security operations to Texas, where it has partnered with CIA-cutout company Oracle. It has also hired dozens, if not hundreds, of US national security state officials to control and oversee its trust and safety, security, and content moderation departments, giving these former spooks and spies extensive control over how the platform functions and what the world sees in our feeds….”
    Source here —-> https://www.mintpressnews.com/tiktok-chinese-trojan-horse-run-former-cia/286780/

    Some blonde cake —-> https://bunkr.sk/a/mDV0ru6q

    • Anonymous

      Filling in the vague areas of this matter (with receipts and names).

      The U.S state controlled media is using China as a scape goat. The ByteDance headquarters are located in Texas (U.S. jurisdiction which ByteDance agreed to relocate to in order stay operational in North America). The people that originally managed the company were replaced by Oracle staff, a company that recruits from the U.S Gov’t. The accusations that ByteDance missuses Americans data is something that Facebook and Twitter are given permission by the U.S. Gov’t to get away with (the practice of selling user data to third parties).

      It’s highly questionable when Democrats and Republicans cannot agree to work together on every other matter (taxes, gun control, infrastructure, etc) with the sole exception being the dissolution of TikTok. A platform through which users are expressing their frustrations about BOTH presidential nominees and BOTH political parties freely. And most notably, the genocide being committed by Isreal (that invests billions of dollars annually to individual American politicians on national and local levels to nullify any resistance to AIPAC). If TikTok survives, it will be governed by right-wingers and pro-establishment liberals with an adherence to Evangelical Christianity accompanied by the mantra, ” BUT THE CHILDREN.” The curvy content will be drastically watered-down.


  5. Suresh

    A good thick babe. I like her.

  6. Anonymous

    Free Claudia Garcia scenes streamed here (720p & higher) =



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