15 Responses to Shake Dat (Ass) – Mini Music Video

  1. BootySmacker

    Girl at 0:06?

  2. Stephan

    Someone Reply Who Were Those 2 Girls At 39 And Please Give Me A Link!

  3. Danny

    Who Were Those Girls At 39? And Give ME A Video Link

  4. Young God

    first girl please fellas

    • botd

      First ass is Alexis Texas.

  5. Darkaholic

    shake that ass baby!

    • botd

      Okay maybe Britney Spears.

  6. gds

    YEAH who was the last one??

  7. T


  8. MobyDick

    Damn who was that last girl?

    • Alan

      The last girl is Zahia Dehar

  9. Clyde

    Not a fan. Also plays twice on firefox if you open a comments box, that you need to end the process to stop.

  10. Brent Thompson

    Wow this is very hot and creative I did something similar called attack of the pawgs chek it out on xhamster, lol but I’m not trying to spam

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