13 Responses to Alexis Rodriguez Walks The Streets

  1. HornyXpeople

    Her curves are so good

  2. That guy

    Wtf is this weak shit!? Bitch looks nasty walking around. What happened to her?

  3. Udder Appreciation

    I wouldn’t be upset with her if she flattened out her stomach; nonetheless, she could get it as-is.

  4. Ozz

    Definitely something different about her. Thicker for sure although something about legs seem off. Almost like they stayed the same thickness. She would still get it though.

  5. ilovemesomebooty

    Ah, Alexis Rodriguez…. What a fine young women. She can get it!

  6. C.O.E.

    Me personally I love the apple bottom. Flat wide asses just don’t do it for me. But always love to read other people’s perspectives about the whole ass thing. BOTD you keeps us talking and entertained. Here’s to you bruh!

  7. Billy

    Does anyone have a link to the full video?

  8. C.O.E.

    This definitely not an apple bottom. It’s a wide ass! The kind that flops over to the side when the pants and panties come off. Appreciate the effort BOD! Keep up the good work bruh!

    • botd

      Okay but are you saying wide asses are good or bad? Personally I prefer wide asses… asses that go east and west more than ones that go south. Probably because a girl that has a wide ass means she has healthy child-bearing hips.

      • beardo

        Agreed. Hips/thighs/ass all day

    • botd

      Taking another look at the video, her ass looks more like it protrudes rather than extends out to the side, so I don’t know.

  9. poohbia

    Chick looks thicker than the last time I saw her, nice.

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