19 Responses to Super Stacked – Part 2

  1. realreal

    Damn, old fetish renewed. When i was 12 my best friend’s mother was like this.

    It’s like a stacked-milf fetish with a son-mother complex combined. hahaha

  2. Jack Ass

    Plz Hurt me with those Ta-Tas!

  3. Dre

    Anybody know the 4th one to the right with the yellow pants?

  4. Boss

    Who is the 3rd one on the top in blue ?

  5. Rick Lewis

    Heck, name ’em all. They are all so hot, round & curvy

  6. lelouth

    we NEED NAMES!

  7. Dre

    The first one to the left I know is angelina castro or something like that.

  8. Dr.

    The first is Angelina Castro for sure. The 11yh is Melina Velba.

  9. her

    3rd from the top in blue is apparently nadine jensen.
    you can learn a lot using google image search.

  10. Bootylover88

    THIS is how ALL woman should look like 😛

  11. Dr.

    1st is Angelin Castro
    2nd is Billie Bombs
    3rd is Nadine Jansen
    5th is Jana Defi
    7th is Beth Humphreys
    8th is Rosanna Castillo

  12. roym

    hey dr. Thanks for your services.

  13. Shizz

    That one of Nadine is photoshopped

  14. Doctor Stax

    In addition to Nadine being photoshopped, as Shizz informed us, the photo of Jana Defi is, also. She’s not a thin woman but she’s not what you’d call thick and her ass is simply not that big.

    The 10th woman in the series is a phenomenal woman known as Mariya from one of her two pictorials on Met-Art. In pictorials found on various other sites, she’s known as Abbigail, Svanhild, and Lilya. This photo has also been photoshopped to make her hips, her thighs, and lower legs significantly thicker than they really are. And why, when it is the pairing of her large beautiful breasts with such a slender, shapely body that makes her beauty so special?

    I imagine all of the photos are altered to match a preconceived ideal.

  15. Rustie

    Who’s that last chick? 😮

  16. Carlos

    Dr. you´r the best thnks

  17. natsudante


  18. ohmyohmy

    4 and 12?

  19. Fischmop

    # 9 is Jenny Jones (Busty Brits)

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