11 Responses to How I’m Spending New Years

  1. BigCJAy

    New on here… and Love this site and page, its even better then Phat booty cuties, everyone here actually helps out in finding who these girls are and names ,,,keep up the good work BOTD,,,HAppy new year to all my bootylovers

    • botd

      Thanks bro and welcome. To be fair tho, PBC is a Tumblr site, and Tumblr doesn’t have an integrated comment system, unless you set up your own. Anyway most of the activity occurs on the dashboard. So it’s hard to get people to visit your blog, and participate, instead of just watching everything tumble down on their own dashboard. Which is one of the reasons I set up my own site.

      • BigCJAy

        oh ok nice nice…well your page is the best bro….

  2. beans

    is this what you look like botd?

    • botd

      Haha. Nah this is from an old meme. I just changed it up a bit.

  3. anon7389

    Happy new year, gentlemen. May 2014 brings us more booty to admire.

  4. Josh

    Happy New Years man, thanks for what you do.

  5. Dagore

    thx dude!! Wish you all the best PAWGs in town 🙂

  6. Neto

    Happy New Year BOTD!!!

  7. Bootyman96

    Yeah funny comic. It’s been a great year for booty indeed, but I really can’t wait to find out who one booty of the year. The answer is obvious though. It’s Ryan Smiles. Hope in 2014 BOTD gets better also. Happy New Year everybody!

  8. blackfrost

    funny thing is that’s what i will be doing. on one monitor i will be playing swtor and the other i will have a porn going. got to love technology

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