4 Responses to What I’ll be doing on Doomsday December 21st

  1. jared miller

    I have a question. How do you make your gifs from movie scenes? Do you use a special freeware program or an online program? I have a few movies and I want to gif certain scenes before I have to erase them just to clear hard drive space.

    • botd

      I use a program called After Effects. I’m sure there are many other programs out there that are easier, but I’m not familiar with them. You can find lots of info on how to make gifs on the web tho.

      Or here’s a gif on How to make gifs that somebody made.
      How to make gifs

  2. jared miller

    Oh yeah as far as December 21, me too 🙂

  3. Dre

    My birthday tomorrow…and all I want is a big booty hoe lol

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