17 Responses to Whiteboy Approves Again

  1. raul

    Nothing better than a nice thick woman

    • Suresh


    • botd

      Thanks but I had to remove the first two for reasons.

      There’s also a good webcam video that I’ll probably post gifs of, with a link.

      • blackfrost

        no problem man, i didn’t know what was good and what wasn’t so i found linked everything i found. she is freaking awesome.

  2. SwagYoloHoes

    Where is the kid from?

  3. blackfrost

    i been looking for some of her stuff, do you know what videos she was in or maybe a link

    • BSD


      As far as I know, all of her scenes were web work.

      As Duvy she did two Ass Parade scenes on the Bang Bros website.

      As Sabella she did at least five scenes for the Sensational Video\Plumper Pass site.

      I know she did at least one Black Bachelor scene but that one is very hard to find.

      I’ve also seen a couple of non-sex YouTube videos of her dancin’ and twerkin’


      • blackfrost

        thx for the info. i will try some of the other torrent sites that i don’t normally use and see if i can find her. might be in the underground area.

      • poohbia

        That black bachelor scene is more rare unicorn

        • poohbia

          * than a unicorn

  4. BSD

    Friends –

    Duvy/Sabella was one of my all time porn favorites. Especially as she got thicker. Too bad she only did about six or seven scenes.

    I wanted to smash her like I just got out of jail.


  5. blackfrost

    now that is a very nice phat ass

  6. Bootyman96

    Ha! That shit is funny

  7. Bootyfreak

    She can shake that big ass in my face anytime!

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