Darlene Returns

12 gifs of Brazilian booty legend Darlene Amaro returning thicker than ever. Press the button for the rest.

19 Responses to Darlene Returns

  1. Jhon Lanes
  2. doni

    She got the best ass ill fuck her all day .

  3. Niko

    Ahhh when she does asian cowgirl OMG I would explode!!!

  4. The Sauce

    I got you Green Power Ranger

    The Sauce and Green Ranger delivers


    • poohbia

      Thank you sir


      damn.. it doesn’t work right. just search her name on the site tho

  6. dayum

    yep ill tap taht anytime. and this tanned skin…

  7. just be cool

    she still looks fine as hell if anyone finds full video, please share

  8. 843bigred

    one of the best asses around period. a true big ass with definition to it

  9. np3228

    So wait she’s return out of retirement?

  10. JackJohnson

    Thicker!!!! Daaaaaamn!!

  11. Davefox89

    I want to make cum with her!

  12. Olivett

    She has gained some and lost those incredible shapes she used to have. But her return is more than welcome.

  13. Jeremy

    I wanna live in that ass!!!

  14. Dab

    Too much thickness for me. I’ll just remember her as she was before.

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