15 Responses to Plump Ass Ava

  1. king
  2. Suresh Maanlest

    Ava Rose! Wow what a body!! Also, she is a very good performer in the videos. Thanks for posting her!!

  3. ioan leasca

    How much i like Ava Rose, she s a fantastic, wonderful , i like to admire, all her sweet charms, how nice !!

  4. iceman8069

    The things I would do to her…OMG!

  5. Kashif Hussain

    beautiful ass

  6. Kashif Hussain

    I need a big ass

  7. johnson and johnson

    What a great body. I love it. She’s one of my favorites

  8. Johnny

    wtfomg…she got so fat. she aint thick no more when fat starts rolling over itself thick is no longer the definition not to mention her thighs touch down to her knees. Dafuq happened to her shit!

    • botd

      You’re entitled to your own opinion, but we don’t post fat girls here. That body’s a 10 in my book.

      • Chaos

        I love her body to be honest, one of the best I’ve seen…

  9. mmm

    oooooooooh shit

  10. qwerty123

    video name pliz?

    • Htown4

      Ava Rose is her name. Don’t know the vid tho

    • Chazz8ball

      The video is -Ava Rose in Live Naughty Secretary by Naughty America.

  11. Chris

    the shake is the best part.

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