Weather Girl Battle – Diana Alvarado vs Yanet Garcia

They’re not that thick, so let’s make it a hotness battle. Who’s hotter, Diana Alvarado on the top, or Yanet Garcia on the bottom? And “Good lawwwd it’s 2 degrees Celsius!?” is not a valid answer.

Also, added a new “Battles” category on the left column on the desktop main page, and on the menu button under “Subcategories” on mobile, in case you missed some.

27 Responses to Weather Girl Battle – Diana Alvarado vs Yanet Garcia

  1. maria

    Yanet garcia in a lingerie 30 photos

  2. Carlos Antonio

    Diana Alvarado is from my city! Ciudad Juarez Chihuahua Mexico hahaha it’s weird to find her in this page but her body is completely huge o.O

  3. gphi

    Yanet Garcia. PEACE!!!

  4. Udder Appreciation

    Both are great. I think I like Yanet better.

  5. Elecriwizard

    Both equally beautyful. I like women with a little more meat. Diana is my choice. Can we get Jackie Guerrido?

  6. KingJames

    You guys should check estafania caballero and mayte carranco!

  7. Jay

    Does someone has her on snapchat?

    • poohbia

      Damn, i didnt know she got down like that now, nice

  8. James Brown

    Diana Alvarado. They both look really good. Diana has a better body. If Yanet has a better face its not by as much as Diana has her in the body.

  9. R Dray

    Hey, BOTD, I would like it if you featured Jackie Guerrido. She’s the ultimate weathergirl (with ass & titties to match) that trumps both of these two although they’re hot too.

  10. Darkaholic

    Grade A Mexican meat FTW. It’s a Tie!

  11. Sitonmyface

    Guys!!! look up Jackie Guerrido

    • R Dray

      You know that shit my man!!!

  12. KingJ

    They both are extremely gorgeous, but in my opinion I think Diana Alvarado because she seems a little bit “fuller?” Know what I’m sayin

  13. Bootox

    Maaan, hard battle, indeed. Diana has a large body and probably a bigger butt, BUT Yanet has an incredible sexy body and her beautiful smile made me choose her as the winner in the end.

  14. DG

    lmao diana alvarado seriosuly?

  15. Chukou


  16. ElEl

    Diana Alvarado

  17. Spungn

    Ya, I’m pretty much with everyone else. Diana for bad ass body, and Yanet for face. Both can get it in HUGE amounts though!!!

  18. Porch monkey

    2nd breezy is making it nice hot. good lawwwd and it’s only 2 degrees celsius. gawd bless the hombre who’s balls brought her to life.

  19. iceman8069

    Top one got the body…bottom one is gorgeous tho….ehh…I don’t care,I’m takin both down!

    • iceman8069

      Actually…after watching both videos….I say it’s a tie…they are both equally hot and both have extremely sexy bodies…soooo, I stand where I said I would give it to both of them!

  20. Yeah

    yummy. Diana = body. Yanet = face.

  21. Al bundy

    I vote for the bottom girl. I love the thin body huge ass look. Top girl most likely had implants.

  22. Aalim Chin

    DAMN. They’re both great. I give Diana the edge for body and Yanet the edge for face though.

    • Poohbia

      Same answer as me

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