21 Responses to Phat Booty Japanese Schoolgirl

  1. jay

    What’s the girls name?

    • botd

      I thnk it’s Nozomi Baba. Check the link I posted and look under where it says “performers”… It should be one of those.

  2. A

    This Asian shit is always gross. Who even likes it?

    • botd

      Lots of people, including me.

    • ArXiLaMaS

      And me 😛

    • Your Humble Narrator

      I’ll 3rd that

    • Jermaine Griffith

      …yeahh i personally think it’s kinda gross, usually.

  3. blackfrost

    i would still knock it down without thinking twice

  4. Big wolf

    Why are all the asian male “talent” always look they got hit by a truck and never know what to do with their hands

    • blackfrost

      they are all business men and don’t know what is going on lol.

  5. Andjuso

    Yeah yeah wat ever she still got a phat ass its still can get slap

  6. The. Mayor

    Dayum! My brothas…I live in Tokyo and this is nice to see but phat booty J girls like this are like unicorns. Never see them except for this site. I’ll keep LOOKIN’. Maybe I need to get outta Tokyo.

  7. squidhunter

    B!tch can’t work the ASS properly but she would definitely get it!

  8. Shogun

    Chubby, big ass, and Japanese. Straight out of my damn fantasies.

  9. Spungn

    Holy shit!!!! I know I’m stating the obvious……but DAAAYUM!!!

  10. GrandMasterAss

    You had to have seen this one coming:


    • botd

      It’s OONIKU-007. She’s a bit chubby for my tastes, so I only got her good side. But there’s some other good scenes you might like if you can find the video.

      • yabajaba

        Yup definitely looks like it. A lot of those jap girls with big asses look kinda awkward because their asses arent naturally big. They just get chubby enough to the point where it does look phat, but then they get a huge gut.

        • jay

          This comment makes no sense. Most japenese girls are REALLY skinny which is why their asses aren’t that big. But most girls with a nice ass is a little thicc or has some meat on their thighs. This girl is alittle chubby, but it’s still a natural butt if it isn’t implants. You can’t really be skinny with a big ass its not likely.

      • Shi

        Hey BOTD, do you know the name of the guy, ive seen him with some other girls in some facesitting clips and i like his work but i dont know his name, would appreicate it

        • botd

          I don’t know, but if you go to javlibrary.com … search for the label name of the movie, OONIKU, click on one of the videos, and then on the right, click on the Director name, Maker name, or Label name, you can probably find other videos involving the same people.

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