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  1. justquitebored

    If you want a compilation of ALL the diamond doll and Mal Malloy material, goto xvideos and look me up (justquitebored) you’ll be vehryyy happy lol. Thanks BotD 🙂

    P.S. A bit of the fishnet part was cut out in the diamond doll vid for some weird reason idk why but that’s the most famous vid so nothing to worry about. Check out the projekt Mal vid though….you’re in for a treat

  2. Ctgis

    Mallory Malloy. Hell yeah. She got ass for years. A nice and curvy pawg.

  3. bman

    What about mallory malloy?

  4. al-Qadir

    I use to watch her dancing on a couple of videos on youtube. It something like arab booty shake. I not sure of the title since it has been years. She was daning to 50 cent.

  5. Tom

    Who is this woman and where can I get some videos of her?

  6. yabajaba

    I liked her best here. Now she’s a bit too thick and seems overly tanned.

  7. blackfrost

    porn star or tease, wish there was an easy way to get more of her videos

  8. BSD

    Friends –

    Years ago, this was the video that made me fall in lust for this girl. This one, and one later on when she was even bigger and thicker. She was frolicking in the surf on the beach in that one, and that ass was not to be believed. I agree that she didn’t seem too bright, but lawd all that thickness needed to be smashed ’til it was dead. She was always just a tease model, never a porn girl.


    • Ctgis

      Yes, she’s pretty damn thick. These are the gifs that introduced me to Diamond Doll a while back. I haven’t seen her do anything else hardcore. Isn’t she just an exhibitionist? I’ve seen her show off her ass and tits–dance a little but that’s all.

  9. reservoir dog


  10. realreal

    she’s into porn?

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