22 Responses to Full-Figured Russian Tumblr Girl

  1. Suresh


  2. Gee wilikers

    Booty of the day?Booty of my lifetime!!!! Is

  3. Tonnie


  4. frozen-one

    DonEnaya or EnayaPunkWolf

  5. Santana Brown

    Living in Indiana Griffith Indiana just gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous Russian woman having seen one is voluptuous full-figured in a long long time just hot hot hot Russian women

  6. PonyViper

    In a simple vernacular, Dammmmn! She’s cute too.

  7. beardo

    Easy decision. Pass.

    • poohbia


    • Durango Doug

      Can’t handle all that deliciousness huh? Lol

  8. BootyFreak

    Definite smash! I love full figured women.

  9. ThickThighsLover

    Here’s her Instagram fellas


  10. Pete

    Uhhh, don’t know what dude is on above me but SMASH

  11. мимокрокодил

    that cunt face though. and that username. this slut’s ego is way out of proportion, i can’t even fap to this.

    these tumbrl girls often do have great bodies and they don’t need to put on this disgusting fake, overcompensating, attention whoring personality, they could be attractive just as they are, but they’re too damaged to understand this.

    • donnie

      Your not lyn man the ones who dont attention whore are the chillest.

  12. commentingaccount

    Looks like she’s done some corset training…

    And smash.

  13. alicio cuper

    Smash. Every day. Every hour.

  14. iceman8069

    Uhhhhhh SMASH!!!!

  15. Alley Al


  16. Swave

    Definitely a smash for me lol love her figure!
    Btw BOTD, shed some light on who this might be? I believe she’s a cam girl but I could be wrong. I’ve been trying to find her name for a while now, FeelsBadMan. http://spankbang.com/m7he/video/pawg+riding

    • botd
      • Swave

        I was thinking the same thing but I noticed that Jennie has a couple of tattoos as well as this video appeared recently about less than a month ago. Ima still try to search but I truly appreciate your reply! 🙂

        • Kenny_i

          I think her name is Ashley Albans

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