Thick Rubenesque Women of Burlesque

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Their names are Havanah Hurricane, Wham Bam Pam, Trixie Malicious, The Schlep Sisters, Ophelia Derriere, Miss Curvella, and Medianoche in the bonus. You can find a lot of their videos by searching those names on Youtube.

17 Responses to Thick Rubenesque Women of Burlesque

  1. glencocoe

    hey what vid is the first gif for havana hurricane? cant seem to find it, thanks! found the other vids

    • botd

      I can’t find it anymore either. But it’s called Havanah Hurricane – Moonlight Serenade.

      • glencocoe

        Dammit :((( I REALLY wanted that clip 🙁 aside from ophelia she’s my fave too.

        Can anyone find it or have it saved???

  2. glencocoe

    frickin link us!!! Please lol…last names in l33t spelling if you have to…

    • glencocoe

      i meant links not names my bad, saw the names. to any hard-to-find vids

      • botd

        Just type in their names followed by the word burlesque in Youtube. You’ll find all their videos and a lot of good related videos on the sidebar.

  3. Eternal

    What video the first gif is from? My god.

  4. Gobot90

    The last one is in a vid with Ophelia Derriere, shes on youtube…or that might actually be her Im not sure.

    But wheres the love for my girl Aviva the Mirage?

    • botd

      I posted Ophelia for you because you asked for her twice. But now you’re getting greedy dude. haha.

      Nah I’ll look through Aviva’s videos again cause it’s hard to find the right scene to gifify. It’s not as easy as it looks. I had to go through over 50 burlesque videos, for posting purposes only and nothing else.

      Side Note: The word gif is pronounced with a J like the peanut butter, according to me and according to the man that invented the format back in the day.

      • Gobot90

        Haha yr right, I’m too greedy. Ophelia’s got some clips on Vimeo that are outstanding.

        But Miss Curvella OMFG

    • poohbia
  5. Yeah


  6. Spungn

    I’m sorry yall, but they are ALL “no pullout” worthy!!! DAAAYUM!! They fine!!!

  7. iceman8069

    Damn….the first one and the last one would get smashed relentlessly!

  8. jaymak

    That last one was definitely “no pullout” worthy

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