11 Responses to Booty in Yellow

  1. CallOfBooty

    Yea, so – Again as the guys have said, that car is ridiculously shitty. But everything is improved with grade a tail in it..so he wins…I mean WOW. what can i say, I’d bury my hip in there, I mean i’d find a way to somehow stick the entire lower half of my body in there backshot style…

  2. Crzy74

    Sun Of A Biatch!!! Sorry guys but I didn’t even know there was a car there till Deadpool said something!!! 🙂

  3. blackfrost

    i have something for her to ride on instead of that crappy ass car lol

  4. bigswole

    looks like colomiba. lol.

  5. yoyo

    hey, BotD

    have you ever checked out: Nina Rotti ?

    • botd

      She’s okay, but if we’re talking about new black girls, I prefer Diamond Monroe.

  6. blackcloud

    I would get balls deep in that ass

  7. JRiccardo

    the BIG ASS…… Is Gissela Avendaño

  8. BigV

    Oh was there a car in that picture all I seen was a smokin hot ass

  9. Deadpool

    Horrible car. Nice ass

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