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  1. alex


  2. bootox

    My lady is back!!

    Now, I pray for the booty gods, because she deserves scenes that make use of that great ass!

    Put this girl to ride and clap that ass to exhaustion (and don’t forget a good fellatio in the pauses)!

    • Zorken

      That’s what I’m talking about, Reality Kings wasted their chance with Ryan by the second time now, I mean, this scene make such a poor use of her fat butt, it’s like they’re literal retards that made the same mistake of not exploring good views of her ass again… fuck..

  3. blackfrost31

    not only is she super hott but her ass is perfect. it’s rare to see something like this.

  4. Jay

    Has anyone seen the new xxxpawnshop scene. The girl nina kayy has got some BOOTY!! INCREDIBLE. I thinks she’s a stripper btw

  5. g

    I updated my browser and add ons and now all the bonus buttons on the site don’t work for me. Any idea what the issue is?

    • botd

      No idea. I guess you could try another browser. Or check your browser settings to see if JavaScript is enabled.

  6. realreal

    Actually we all thought her ass was kinda smaller. Apparently it’s reality kings fault of making shitty videos with awful positions. This isn’t normal sex jesus christ, it’s porn.

  7. paperbag please

    what a stunner she is.. almost as sexy as marjory the trash heap from fragglerock


    • AlFranklin

      This may surprise you, bud, but A LOT of women aren’t exactly 10s without makeup. Also, the site is called BOOTY of the day, not Gorgeous Face of the Day. Besides, I’m sure you’re sportin’ a GQ worthy mug yourself, right? Yea, that’s what I thought.

      • botd

        Some people feel the need to put down other people to feel better about themselves. I don’t look too good in my mugshot either. I mean if I ever had one, which I don’t.

  8. Poohbia

    Damn, did that ass get fatter or what? We need more of this

  9. RasTrent

    Glad to see her beautiful big ass back in the game, BUT…..

    If you shoot a scene with Ryan Smiles and you DONT include a POV back shot of dat ass……. Pray to the Booty Gods, because they will surely be displeased.

  10. ilovemesomebooty

    Thank “the porn gods”! She’s finally back!

    If we can get Blondie fesser back then i’ll be so happy!

  11. Naughtynuff4u

    “Hi i hear that you are hiring, do you have any positions available that need to be filled? Thats okay you go ahead and you fill me while i’m in my position.”

  12. Traxx

    Is she back, or is this an older vid?

    • Udderman

      oh, she is back homie!!

    • Zorken

      Yep, she did one new scene for Industry Invaders not long ago and with this new scene for Reality Kings I guess it’s safe to say that my favorite pawg is BACK! Now all she needs to do is to make sure she actually STAYS in the game this time and don’t go to jail again, lol…

      However, this particular scene is not really cool… it’s the second time she shoots for Reality Kings and for the second time they dedicate a minimum amount of time to show her big fat white ass giggling… it’s like they are completely oblivious that her ass is her main selling point and insist on doing positions that don’t display her ass in full glory (like cowgirl, for instance). I will just wait for better videos.. but this is definetly a good sign…

      BTW where is Blondie Fesser? She haven’t done anything in a long time now….

      • Naughtynuff4u

        Thats good i haven’t seen blondie in more videos. Bangbros had overused her that i became disinterested in her and moreover even if Bangbros did have blondie in a recent video i won’t watch it untl they release a half decent video with more of her and less guys speaking corny jokes. On the other hand there are girls other than blondie who has an ass. Shes not the only one.

        • Pete

          I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has been happy there hasn’t been a new vid of Blondie for a minute. She needs to shoot a few scenes with a different company that’ll actually have guys there to fuck, not do stand up

        • Zorken

          Yeah, I get where your coming from, but it’s just that she became a personal favorite of mine along with Ryan lol… but yeah, I want new, well-shot scenes with Blondie, not the lame types that Bangbros did.. yeah, those sucked and I’m sick of them either..

          • Naughtynuff4u

            I still like her but everyone else knows who she is now. On the other hand, I think its sexier to watch a girl that not everyone knows about.

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