Thick Girl Tight Squeeze

Okay story time…

>So I’m walking down the block in NYC
>See homeless lady with a sign
>Sign says “Smile if you Masturbate…”
>First thing I think of is all the masturbation jokes I make on BOTD
>Start smiling hysterically
>Can’t stop
>Still walking down the block after passing her…
>It’s downtown Manhattan, there’s a jillion people there
>Kept trying my hardest to wipe stupid smile off face
>Quickly realize all these people walking towards me will see me smiling like an idiot…
>Then when they reach the lady and read the sign, they’ll think I’m a serial masturbater
>Kept smiling for a good two blocks
>Now whole bunch of people think I jerk off
>Real great

Does anybody have an ID on her?

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  1. Ahmet

    Someone. Anyone. PLEASE. Post a link to more pics of her, or at least PLEASE post her name so I can find more pics of her myself.

    • yes please

      i second this motion

  2. Mony luv

    You found it bro!!!!! Nice and thx

  3. baldthumbtack
  4. Udder Appreciation

    I would smile because I have the option of masturbating to my preference of high resolution stimulants, in a warm room, on a soft bed, with clean hands and high quality lubrication… …as opposed to masturbating on the cold streets with filthy hands, spit for lube and only my chemically damaged imagination to fantasize with.

  5. yabajaba

    Alright so people on Reddit said the vid’s been stretched/morphed. Someone also mentioned that it was posted before. It’s not hard to be disappointed with ‘shopped pics/fake ass because they’re always stupidly obvious, but if I find the original vid and it ends up being a somewhat thin girl, I’m gonna develop some trust issues.

  6. Tally

    Please figure out who she is! Her ass is amazing and she has the perfect thickness, would love to destroy her pussy from behind

  7. Joetuss

    NY in here i see. Born in the boogie down raised in YO

  8. ReeMo

    I’m still laughing at the story. I got to hear the tranny stories. It’s crazy out here. By the way, I’m from NYC too. BK all day.

  9. Kushion

    Golly gee wittickers..

  10. BSD

    Friends –

    Damn, I wanna drink this girl’s bathwater. The girl in the clip tryin’ to get them jeans up. Damn.

    I don’t think it’s that Tatianna girl. I remember her from when that Mr Cheeks guy who used to run the old Onion Booty website found her. Damn she was dope. He said he was gonna film her in some hardcore scenes, but it never happened.


    • Poohbia

      I remember wen that

      I was sad it never happened lol

    • Horny Tom


  11. Traxx

    Lmfao at the story

    ‘Thick Girl Problems’ at the vid

  12. Pete

    hahahahahaha had me in tears

    And didn’t watch the game, gave 3 fucks about it !! Just wasn’t online

  13. naughtynuff4u

    tighter jeans gives a bigger booty illusion. in addition, the jeans are so tight i think it fused together into her skin.

    • yabajaba

      I actually wouldn’t argue that her booty isn’t that big, but it does have a good shape to it. What really caught my attention here are the thighs/hips. There’s a complete lack of thigh gap here and I love it.

      • Naughtynuff4u

        Me too 🙂 you don’t have to go to the gym to have a body.

  14. yabajaba

    DAMN! Seriously need an ID here. And here’s to hoping there’s more if a name is discovered.

  15. Jayrock

    Tell the tranny stories botd

    • botd

      Okay but not in this post. Maybe soon.

  16. Who is this?

    Who is the girl!!??

    • botd

      I’m still trying to find out, but somebody will deliver soon. We have a lot of experts here.

    • Anonymous

      Looks like she could be “Tatiana from Sweden.” More photos for comparison in the following forum containing some more links (to more photos) > Pure conjecture but consider it as more fap material (sic).

      • botd

        Check out this Chubby Parade thread from when BOTD started and I was trying to promote the original Tumblr. Most of the pics are terribly PSed though, and I do mean terribly. That’s all I used to post every day, cause that’s what everybody liked. There’s like 8 pages to the thread.

        Btw maybe it could be Tatiana, but those pics are from 2011. Are you guessing that just by the look of her, or is it something else?

  17. botd

    If anybody likes my story, I’ll tell all my old transgender women stories from the club. Well there’s like a hundred of them, so just some. Then you’ll know why I’m always suspicious of these Instagram models. Nothing gay though, just funny. Except maybe for one, kinda.

    • NYCBro

      Yo, tell the stories!

      -fellow NYC bro.

  18. botd

    It’s been quiet. Is the Superbowl on or something?

    Well if it is, I hope the Tampa Bay Whogivesashits win it.

    Nah just kidding, don’t wanna offend football fans. But is there anybody else besides me that doesn’t really care who wins?

    I know I know, it’s entertaining to watch and I hope everybody’s entertained, but I wish the winners shared that Superbowl prize money and some of their leftover groupies with me. Then I’d be the first person up there rooting for them.

    • Basileus

      Dude, I give not a single fuck nor shit about football. I work retail and people get STUPID about it.

      • botd

        Haha *high five*

        • Douche Baggins

          I didn’t give half a shit about the teams this year… the stupidbowl was about 20 miles from me this year, so that made it kind of neat, though. The traffic around here was INSANE!

          Your story was funny… as if they didn’t think you masturbated chronically without the smile, anyway 🙂 Trenchcoat gives you away.

    • Al Bundy

      I don’t care for sports. Today was a good day because it was practically a wasteland outside. No people or cars. Bad because not 1 girl in yoga pants 🙁

      • naughtynuff4u


        • kevin

          hey who is that on your profile pic

          • Naughtynuff4u

            Marcy diamond.

  19. botd

    I have no idea who made up the 4chan story style, but I like it.

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