The Struggle is Real with a Big Booty

The struggle is very real for big booty girls trying to fit into their pants. Nothing they can do except maybe buy a larger size.

This might be old cause I got it from Facebook, but can anybody ID her to help us find more? Unless this is soooo old that everybody knows it already, and I’m just mad late.

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  1. Lex Starwind

    Shorty definitely needs some Apple bottom jeans. Regular jeans ain’t gonna cut it for that ass!

  2. str8up

    its funny how guys complain bout fake ass like little girls and how girls don’t complain bout a guy getting his dick enlarged. I think I know who the really women are. lmao.

  3. Aesthetics4life

    God! If you could hear me let me have her please i promise ill be good.

  4. Gobot90


    You guys are the sherlock and watson of booty.

    Here are my two current insta faves: datbitchnamedjuicy (bbw flavor)

    justmikalblair (butterface flavor)

    And my contender for 2015 booty of the year: Brooklyn Rose…check her out on a recent team skeet update OMFG

    • Blackfrost

      brooklyn in the house!!!

    • yabajaba

      Hot damn! This Brook Rose girl…..thanks for the name drop.

    • Zozzy

      Recently saw that Brooklyn Rose vid. My goodness that ass.

  5. Al Bundy

    fap fap… I mean *clap clap*. Haha. Bravo to Mike for the name.

  6. booty lover

    botd you are my hero. seriously dude you make a rough life easier to live. thanks brother for bringing these beautiful women to all of our attention it makes my day to come to your site at the end of a long week

  7. Fozzy

    NIce mmmm mmm mmm So good,,,

  8. Bootyman96

    Oh you were on tumblr back in ’10 and you started over in ’12. So wait how long has this site been around exactly? And if so have you done any sites like this one before and how long did they last?

  9. Mike
    • botd

      Nice. Thanks homie. I guess her Instagram is the same name…

      • yeah

        that recent image she submitted though. WOW.

    • Udder Appreciation

      Well done BOTD. Well done.

      • botd

        Thanks but my boy Mike over here deserves all the props. (I have to make them feel special so they can keep finding us links. Shhh)

        • Udder Appreciation

          Well in that case, I raise my glass and tip my hat to brother Mike. Great work Mike!
          Long live BOTD.

  10. Jason

    Do use tumblr or nah?

    • botd

      I already talked too much today, but I couldn’t give this question a short answer even if I tried. So skip over the middle paragraph cause that’s for me.

      I used to post on Tumblr, but not anymore because there’s no point. Anyway there’s a lot of swell people on Tumblr that always seem to help me bring all these posts over there. But they’re very forgetful so they never remember to source me. And then there’s probably a glitch in the system or something cause somehow their sitelink shows up as the source of the post instead of mine. So weird. Doesn’t matter tho because the important thing is to impress Google’s algorithms, and when Google sees a post that’s all over, but the one with the earliest date comes from here, then this site gets extra link juice and better search rank results. So the more reposts, the better. You could even say I have employees on the social medias working for free. To the serial reposters, if I don’t send you a paycheck for your services soon, just wait longer.

      If you didn’t understand any of that, it’s not important. That was more of a smartass answer and rant for myself. Here’s a better, shorter answer for you. BOTD started on Tumblr on October 2010, and suddenly the blog got suspended on July 2012. So I came here and started over.

  11. Maxwell

    Lawdamercy i hope it’s so old that it was before ass injections and Instagram, cause basically every girl with a big ass and small waist on Instagram is using site enhancement injections.

    • botd

      Haha. I agree with you on that one. These girls must be stopped. They’ve gone too far. We should organize a march and protest. Hold up signs that say “Oh Hell No. Fake Asses Gotsta Go” or something, I dunno.

      But I have to respectfully disagree with you about Mandy’s ass. I mean you might be right. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve been wrong a lot of times. But my Spidey Sense usually tingles when it detects fraudulent ass, and it never tingled once with Mandy. Yeah I know, that’s not very scientific and doesn’t prove anything, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

      • thinkpad100

        dont care about real or fake, just want to know a name

      • Maxwell

        Mandy’s ass doesnt look fake, no one would ever be able to tell if she hadn’t came out first with a smaller ass. For example, if a girl is a b cup size, and then transforms to a D cup,whilst not gaining any weight anywhere else, what would you assume it is? She didn’t just hit puberty again, so it only leads to one conclusion.

      • Maxwell

        Just look at this video, everything else is the same size breast, waist, but look at the difference of size in her ass

        • botd

          Yeah but you can tell if titties are real by the way they look and by the way they jiggle. Same thing with asses. For me it’s more plausible that she was young when she first came on the scene and she’s a late developer.

    • DG

      if you can see it than it’s real it’s not something your mind made it

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