15 Responses to Super Stacked – Part 7

  1. Boooty freak

    I love these kind of women, I want one, but can’t find them.

  2. blackfrost

    oh of this list, siri is my fav. i think it’s the few videos she did with red hair.

  3. BSD

    Friends – At least three or four of these girls do professional porn. I wanna do things to Felicia Clover, #6, that just ain’t allowed by law. God, I love her body. I wish I didn’t dislike Siri, #1, so much. She is gorgeous and her body makes my mouth water too, but I’ve had some squabbles with her on the internet. I like the girl that is #12 as well.


  4. poohbia

    leanne crow can get it

  5. lelouth

    which one of them does porn?, I know siri obviously does, but who else?

  6. Day

    Not bad, I see you know your woman

  7. That_dude


  8. blackfrost

    bring it on lol.

  9. blackfrost

    siri, erica campbell, mayajane, bea flora, karla james,
    felicia glover, leanne crow, lilya, jey a, girl in snow(?),
    karina hart, tanya song, veronika zemanova, jennique adams, leanna crow

    that should be all of them. great pics and i love all of them.

    • JD

      I would applaud, but it would require two hands.

    • botd

      Bravo. Need to find some new girls next time. Make it more challenging.

      • Jefferson

        Off Topic:
        BOTD, have you considered Suzanne Svanevik?
        Turned 18 last week, barely 5 foot, weightlifting/gymnastics, loves posting photos/videos of her ass squatting.

        • botd

          I thought you were talking about somebody else for a sec, but is this her?… //bootyoftheday.co/2012/11/17/just-admiring-her-strength/

        • Jefferson

          Exactly, thats the one! She has a lot of similar material on her instagram page, she brings a tear to my eye every time.

    • Jefferson

      Wow I didnt recognise Bea (I oviously didn’t look at her face!), do they look a little smaller here?

      Gotta love Siri. Not sure if red or blonde is better

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