11 Responses to Juicy Jessie

  1. Caesar

    If I didn’t already know about jessie, and saw her in the club, not sure if I’d smash or not….prime example of dilemma booty (and tits)…..I’d probably still smash tho

  2. blackfrost

    she does do hardcore with this guy. if you go on her site she shows a few clips from it but it’s really hard to pirate her videos for some reason. really thinking of forking the money to be a member

    • realreal

      I tried to find those videos, nothing except that bj

  3. realreal

    besides her blowjob video she still doesn’t have a real hardcore video right?

    • botd

      Blackfrost probably knows. He’s a big fan.

      • blackfrost

        you are right i am a huge fan.

  4. Ctgis

    She’s mighty thick. It took me by surprise.

  5. blackfrost

    well there we go again, have to buy another keyboard cause mines is all sticky now…thx BOTD lol 🙂

  6. That_dude


  7. the squidhunter

    Thick and Sexy! She is Fine!

  8. HWBD

    Luv that last gif

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