15 Responses to Amber Cutie Curvy Cam

  1. Eric Anderson

    You are one Gorgeous woman. I swear!

  2. Sifu

    Im New to this site….whoever runs this website..please more of this girl!!!!

    • botd

      I’ll try man, but you can check out her videos on her website if you really like her.

  3. Commonwealth

    she is so right love her curvy slim thick type

  4. BSD

    Friends –

    This girl makes my loins ache with the desire to smash. I love the way her natural waist indents just under her tits, and then things flare out gorgeously to that magnificent hip spread.

    God made that.


  5. blackfrost

    yea that is perfect there. that’s an all nights if i ever saw one

    • zo

      All yah niggas must be lame this bitch body chunky ass Fuck

      • botd

        This girl is pretty much the most feminine looking online model or cam girl you’re gonna see. Which is why mad people here are attracted to her, and why she has 50K followers. Oh wait, what am I thinking. Everybody here, and her 50k followers are all wrong and have bad taste, and you’re the only one that’s correct, and has good taste. Is that what you’re trying to say?

        I always say people have their own personal taste about what type of girl looks good. But if you’re trying to say she’s not hot and attractive, then you’re scientifically wrong too. Read any book or watch any documentary about attraction. They’re all gonna say that the first thing that guys look at, and the main sign that a girl is hot, is her hip-to-waist ratio. So please find me another girl with a sicker hip-to-waist ratio.

  6. Bootox

    Wow, nice frontals! Look at the shape of her body…and those boobs! Got me hard!

  7. Yeah

    Dude, she’s perfect.

  8. Horny Tom

    This bitch should do porn. Better yet, she should come to Long Beach, CA and i would show her a good time. Just me, her, and my 7 inch buddie.

    Thanks for giving me blue balls at work BOTD.

    • yabajaba

      A fellow LBC’er!

      • hornyxpeople

        Whoa other people from long beach what the fuck

  9. iceman8069

    Wow…I love that! Perfection!

  10. pizdec

    Jesus Christ, she is perfect O___O

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