Curvy Kristen Live


That lower body looks too good to be true, but seems real to me.

You guys love pointing out flaws, so can anybody find a flaw on her?

Well if I had to change one thing, I’d probably make her tits just a little bit bigger before I take her to meet mom, but that’s it.

24 Responses to Curvy Kristen Live

  1. Jay

    Judging by her IG, she definitely got the titties enhanced..

  2. virus

    she has a fake booty

  3. diggersby tho

    are these loops edited pieces or just scenes from the raw video?

    a longer loop of her in those shorts would be amazing!!!!

    • man

      yes please a raw video , i searched the hole net but without success

  4. realreal

    she’s perfect that way. I like big booties with a flat chest

  5. beardo

    Lower half is great and no she doesn’t need bigger tits. I wouldn’t change anything.

  6. ZZZZZ

    That’s one lucky tree.

  7. DG

    she’s thick so i could care less if it is fake or not lol
    some girls are just too skinny for big tits and a big booty but they just dont get it. some small booties are sexy as hell tbh. and small tiddies are superior to big ones in my opinion

  8. Bootox

    Man, that one is a stallion! I would take her home right away if possible!!!

    Nice BOTD!!

  9. ty

    I flaw. She’s not sittin hear wit me.

  10. Maxwell

    She’s perfect damn what a face body, perfection, I do get on you for liking fat girls, but it’s all in love bro don’t take it serious.

  11. E

    Are these two gifs of the same person?

  12. poohbia

    Nice, time to do some research

  13. boss

    I give her a hard 9.5/10. Her face is perfect. I dont like big titties and hers is the right size. Flat stomach is a must and she has that.

  14. iceman8069

    This chick is perfection personified!

  15. BSD

    BOTD –


    The only flaw this girl has is that she somehow found a way to push me off of her for a minute, so that she could walk around on a beach having her picture taken.

    By the way, I think her tits may have been swoled a little. The tits in the upper clips look bigger than the ones in the lower clip. But with that lower body, I’m fine with her tits.



  16. Kees

    She’s perfect for me, who needs double D’s when your hands ain’t bigger? A handful is more than enough 🙂
    She can ride me with that glorious butt whenever she wants ♥_♥

  17. Pete

    Uhhh, her left toe is bigger than her other toes ?? No ?? I got nothing….she’s perfect

    • botd

      Haha. Good cause I was afraid somebody was gonna say she’s fat or ugly or something. Sometimes people say things that make me scratch my head like “Are you sure we’re both looking at the same thing?”

      • Pete

        hahaha on the same page as you

      • Douche Baggins

        That must be old footage… based on that instagram link, it looks like she’s had her boobs done since then. WOOT! Better living through modern medicine.

    • Yeah


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