13 Responses to Virgo Peridot Evil Angel Booty Clap

  1. HornyXpoeple

    She looks like same thing, I use to follow her tumblr it be like show me your ass not your face

  2. Bootox

    What matters for me in Virgo it’s not her face anyway, and I just want that she keeps claping that gorgeous ass of her and make more videos, so we can see her in action!!!

    Just twerk girl, twerk…

  3. poohbia

    Chick is def a Butterface, but id smash

  4. ty

    I don’t know if I’d leave my wife………well depending on the mouth piece. Ass is juicy but depending on that mouth.

  5. Maxwell

    She’s got the face of a dog, but her ass is perfect, and she can twerk like no other.

    • BigAssFanatic

      You give a shit about her face! It her big ass am interested in fucking and her body.

  6. illlphil

    I would stab my girlfriend and leave her for dead for this woman lol

    • Caesar

      Lmfao damn bruh

  7. iceman8069

    I for one never thought she was ugly at all….not drop dead gorgeous but she’s not ugly….and her ass is something to behold..one of the best fat asses out there!

  8. botd

    Before any of you says she’s ugly again so you could feel better about yourselves by putting other people down, let me ask you this…

    Have you actually seen any of her recent porn videos? I think she looks pretty in all of them. And it’s because … like I always try to tell you guys, even though nobody ever listens to me, like I’m chopped liver or something … she’s getting professional makeup done now, just like all the other porn stars and pro models that you’re used to seeing, and whom you’ve probably never seen without makeup on.

    If you haven’t seen this…


    • Yeah

      EXACTLY. She may be not as beautiful as other women, but damn that ass. HELLA THICK!

      • BigAssFanatic

        You care what her face looks like. She has a kinda cute face but man that body that big fat ass ,you just want to fuck her doggy-style all day long .Plus she can deepthroat as well.

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