32 Responses to Virgo Peridot Hardcore Fuck

  1. nel

    who is she? link?

  2. aluvio

    Big ass booty!! Eye want some of dat pussy too#

  3. Pete

    To all my BIG ass lovers and to BOTD for bringing us all together to worship theeee ass, Happy Holidays

  4. Gobot90

    Her body is perfect but the porn producers need to find a way to shoot stuff so that it doesn’t all look the same. And enough with that same tired theme music wtf

    • This guy!

      Hell, how about no music at all. I dont think there is any other innovative way to capture porn. Hell, people have phuked while sky diving, or was it rapelling? True story, google it.

  5. Funkyship

    If you get off to women who have a mild case of Down’s Syndrome, have at it hoss.

    • This guy!

      Ahhh lmao! Holy ish, I’ve always wanted to day this! She does have that syndrome look, how she got the body thr world will never know. Another one is Sara Jay. Yeesus, some just don’t care as long as you can phuk.

      • poohbia

        Im pretty sure most arent interested in her because of her face

        • This guy!

          Paper bag it is then.

    • orezz

      Does she actually have the disorder, or are you just insulting how she looks?

      • This guy!

        No disrespect, she’s doing her thing etc. But on the real I haven’t a clue if she does have some mental deficiency. Yeah, I get it she has the body and I will admit that she’s definitely real. Buuuuut, the face. Ehhh….yeah. smash, pass, blah blah blah.

        • Jon Snow

          Her face is average my dude. She just doesn’t put on any makeup in most of her videos. But I feel you, it’s just, as a pornstar her face is fucked. But as a normal person she’s not that bad:

          • botd

            Her face looks a lot better in this video tho, cause she probably got the same professional makeup treatment that top porn stars usually get.

            Here’s what other porn stars look like without makeup. Some good, some bad…


            I don’t see what the problem is anyway. I mean there’s no way any of you actually do it missionary style. There’s no excuse for that unless you’re Amish.

    • Mzuark

      Wow, that was really uncalled for? What’s your fucking damage?

  6. Darkaholic

    I sure wish there was a “like” button for all the comments.

  7. God bless

    christmas came early

    • anon7389|

      …and so have I

  8. Bootox

    I love Virgo’s ass! See it riding is awesome…I would change places with that dude anytime (the first for FREE lol)!!!

  9. blackfrost

    she has a great ass and nice body all around. thx you porn for making my life worth living.

  10. Brownhornet22

    I knew it was only a matter of time before Virgo started taking the “D” on camera. Thanks for posting this.

  11. Cuss





    • DAt_Dude

      thanks bro MErryX mas to you too Fapping good Tonight!

  12. Al Bundy

    Hold up, she does actual porn videos now? WOW. I’ve been living under a rock.

  13. Blue Magic
    • Pete

      You. Are. The. Man

      Happy Holidays

  14. poohbia

    That’s what im talking about

  15. BSD

    Friends –

    And the man got PAID to do this. HE GOT PAID!

    I need to re-think my life.


  16. Random Fapper

    I meant to say not her style

  17. Random Fapper

    Oh fuck yes! Finally she has a good scene. The scenes she’s been doing with Dee Siren are really her style.

  18. Beans

    Where can I see the full vid?

    • yeah

      Damn, I wasn’t here yesterday, but I know it’s safe to say this. I CAMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEE!

      (And goddam, it’s FINALLY a good scene too! You the F**ing man, BOTD!)

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