8 Responses to Bare Booty

  1. yeah

    Bootyful indeed

  2. yabajaba

    90% sure this is a shop of some girl on Reddit who went by somethin along the lines of _transponder_. She still had somewhat big ass for her size (a bit petite) but this shit would be too damn good. If I find the exact name I’ll post; she deleted her account a while back but still has pics floating around.

    • KingJ

      I think her name was _Transponster_.

      • yabajaba

        Yup thats her. No photoshop necessary, that ass is really damn nice…

        cheeby com/u/_transponster_/new

        • blackfrost

          damn that’s a crap load of pics. very nice and now saved for hard times lol

        • ansari

          ironically, the 2 from above are not in those albums.. which means thers moar

          • AcePawgHunter

            Pretty sure she’s going by the name crap_bag, not sure why tho, she stopped posting tho for 6 months or so



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