Thick Young Snowbunny

Wandering the streets, looking for dick. Or make up your own fantasy if you got better.

So would you…

a) Pick her up and smash cause you think she’s thick and juicy

b) Keep driving and pass cause you think she’s fat and pale

c) Maybe if she lost 30 lbs

d) Maybe if she gained 10 lbs

Any choice is just your opinion of course.

45 Responses to Thick Young Snowbunny

  1. Crazy koe

    I choose (a) I pick her up and smash

  2. Albert

    A: Of course!

  3. jd

    damn! I would def beat it up…she’s the perfect size 🙂

  4. bam

    A & D & E (maybe if she gained 50 lbs :D)

  5. GreenEggsAndHam


  6. Acshun

    A. Easily, with out a doubt. Not only would i smash but i’d keep her so i can keep smashing to my hearts content

  7. jaba
  8. jaba

    Uploading her vids one by one now, it’ll be a bit. I’ll post them as replies here.

  9. Jefferson

    A, C and D.

    Also E) Try pry her fat ass cheeks apart enough to get a taste of that rim!

  10. Cakey

    Sober: Pass.
    Drunk: Smash.

  11. Cole_Cash

    B) or C)
    Too fat, too pale, and her hips to waist ratio seems bad.
    Damn, you guys are thirsty, lol no offense, but since we can pick on any rondom big/fat ass, why not wait for more quality.

    • botd

      Thanks for choosing Cole, but regarding the extra commentary, what if I told you there are millions of other guys with different but equal taste, that would look at the girls you banged and the girls you’re attracted to and be like, “Dude no offense, but damn you’re thirsty lol.”

      • Cole_Cash

        Haha I’m used to that. They don’t like curvy women as much as I do in France. I always get “damn boy, you’d hit anything, she’s fat” and all that.
        Don’t get me wrong, I love them curvy. But yes, curvy on the thighs, flat stomach, petite, slim waist, whatever boobs.
        That girl you posted has so little hips (to my taste).
        But hey, my tastes are my tastes 🙂

  12. Photo Dojo

    How to say this nicely. If you see her on the street, pass her the fuck by. She is the definition of a CUNT. She will lie to you, extort from you, talk shit about you to everyone and basically destroy your life. I was her photographer for a while and during that short time, she wrecked my life. I have been putting it back together ever since. Email me and I can send some shots of her.

    • Photo Dojo

      Wrong email address

      • Photo Dojo

        fotodojo4u at gmail dot com…

    • BSD

      PHOTO DOJO –

      Sounds like a lot, (not all), of chicks.

      No matter how much they turn you on, or how much you want to smash, the more you know or find out about them, the less you like them.

      What’s the old line?…

      “No matter how beautiful she is, somewhere there’s some guy who’s fed up with her shit”.


    • botd

      True BSD, but I’ll add my email reply to him….

      I mean its always all gravy and roses when you first meet the chick, but inevitably feelings change and shit gets sour after. It’s just human nature. Just use it as a lesson to trust girls a little less next time, especially with your finances, or anything you worked hard for.

    • botd

      As a homosapien, you’re not supposed to stay with another homosapien for more than a year or two. If you stay with her longer than that, you’re just asking for trouble. I didn’t just make that up. Science bitch.

  13. blackfrost

    did not know she is from where i live at now lol

  14. bbcjay

    A. Im not trying to marry her. And the ass is juicy and the pussy will be good for smashing!

  15. That_dude

    A without a doubt

  16. jaba

    Lol sorry. is where the vid came from. Turns out she has 6 vanilla vids and 2 hardcore. I guess she goes by “Hanna Sweet” on there, and a couple of other places. She also has a modelhayhem page but the pics she has there are shitty.

    As for her Cosmid vids, “Singing her heart out” and “Playing on the bed” show off the most ass. You can find them on torrents through google. Her others are probably still up too.

    Here’s one of the vids that came from WHFF:

    Yes, im a big fan of this girl.

    • botd

      Just an fyi for next time, but you can post links directly here. This isn’t Tumblr. haha. We aint afraid of no dots.

      Thanks for the info tho. Do you have a link to the torrents? The ones I found on TPB have no seeds.

      • jaba

        Lol oh fuck, I always thought this was tumblr but with a different link. I guess that explains the linking stuff.

        I’m a tad bit busy at the moment but I’ll see if I can grab some links in a bit. Theres so many vids from Cosmid that floating around on torrents.

        I visit this site alot and these are my first posts so I guess its time to give a little. If I cant find any working torrent links, i’ll upload all 4 of the vids I have from her Cosmid page. There’s 5 total but the 5th is just some smoking fetish thing (no ass, not gonna bother!). I have a friend coming over though so I’ll have to upload after. I’m also barely realizing that considering how high quality the vids are, theyre pretty small (150-300mb’s) so shouldnt take long to upload once I start.

        Also, if youre down ill go half and shoot you $12 to get those 6 vids on that WHFF site. Anyways, give me some time and ill either find links or upload them.

        • jaba

          Whops forgot to mention the 6 vids are $25 so id go half if you want.

        • botd

          Email me at bootyoftheday at gmail and we’ll talk about trading vids, just between me and you though. I don’t wanna take food out of Cosmid’s mouth. They gotta pay their light bills.

          But if anybody wants her videos (you can also dl about 5 or 6 Tiffany Cappotelli HD videos, and some other girls), use this link and click here to subscribe to Cosmid, cause we gotta pay our light bills too.

  17. BSD

    Friends –

    I would HULK SMASH this girl until the police came and killed my ass.

    Don’t wanna marry, just wanna SMASH.


    • BSD

      P.S. –

      She kinda looks like trash but like I said, I ain’t tryin’ to get married.

      I’ve done worse.


      • botd

        I’m assuming you mean trash as in trailer park, not as in she looks bad. But yeah, no problem as long as we’re not marrying her.

      • Jefferson

        Haha definitely trailer trash but wouldn’t stop me digging a tunnel in her. Id have to go aganst my better judgement and wear protection for this one though.

  18. botd

    Couple of flix on TPB, no seeds tho.

  19. Dab
  20. botd

    Okay I found it. Told you it was short. And she kinda trips in the middle. Didn’t wanna post that part cause it completely ruined my fap. Don’t say I don’t look out for you guys.

    • Neto

      Thanks botd

  21. jaba

    Holy shit! This is HANNA HURST from cosmid . net! She has an incredibly big ass. The only thing she ever did on there was dancing around and a bit of fingering. I wouldve never thought Ive seen her again. I did a reverse image search to find where this vid came from and goddamn, I wouldve never guessed she did hardcore.

    Cosmid girls mostly just strip down and thats all, so this is a surprise. Thanks alot man.

    • botd

      Jaba if you found where the video came from, how come you’re not sharing? BOTD is all about sharing bro. Nevermind, I’ll keep searching. *sigh*

  22. G

    A. Baby looks like she could use some cheering up, too.

  23. blackfrost

    botd where did this video come fun. i like to see the whole thing

    • botd

      That’s pretty much it. There’s only like a minute more. I’ll try to find it tho. Have no fear.

  24. HorusTheHeretic

    a but d too as long as the stomach doesn’t get bigger.

  25. blackfrost

    i pick A all the way

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