16 Responses to Virgo Peridot Ass on the Edge

  1. mary

    Hi Virgo I’m Mary just wanted to say ur very pretty and have an amazing ass I admire

  2. zay

    too bad shes soooo ugly

  3. Thick_Curvy_Lover

    I love me some Virgo. Nice plump ass!

  4. dirk

    ill fuck her but would still take ryan over her

  5. Bootyman96

    Smash her too, oh man she’s so good.

  6. iceman8069

    I’ll bang the life outta Virgo for real!!

  7. Kushioned

    I like dents..

  8. BootyFreak

    That is one fat ass with dents, but I’d still smash and eat it!

  9. BSD

    Friends –

    +1 Virgo.

    Like Ryan, but Virgo is thicker and her freak factor is much higher.


    • Pete


      My brotha, AGREED

  10. Taiwatcher

    I have to ass this and course both would be nice but: Ryan Smiles or Virgo?

    • Zorken

      Virgo got the dance skills, but I would pick Ryan. Younger, prettier face, and her ass giggles more.. IMHO, of course..

      • bootox

        I love these two asses, but I agree with your opinion.

        Along with all you mentioned, I’ll just add that Virgo really has great skill to dance but her (pro) scenes are not that good. On the other hand, Ryan hardly misses the point in her scenes and her riding skills are amazing.

        • Zorken

          Totally agree. Spot on description of Ryan’s performance.

    • beardo

      Ryan Smiles, easily.

  11. bootyduty

    the link to the video would be tremendously appreciated…someone please, need it for the record

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